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Teacher Liaisons

Teacher Liaisons, or Class Representatives, act as communication liaisons between classrooms, parents/guardians, the class teacher and the PTA.

The PTA will have occasional needs that will filter down to classroom parents/guardians through the Class Rep, usually via email. Additionally, the Class Rep has the freedom to create community in creative ways that speak to the uniqueness of their classroom.

Please consider signing up for this critical role that helps keeps our community connected.

Interested? Let your teacher know AND email Joanna Beatty.

Teacher Liaisons 2018-2019

Kindergarten (Christi): Moira Tofanelli and Melissa Todd
Kindergarten (Heather): Christian McKee and Shannon Dyson
First (Camille): Catherine Cody and Lisa Bartee
First (Jennifer): Heather Lee and Sable Kellison
Second (Molly): Krista Yurik-Zientara and Mariel Dunn
Second (Brandi): Barbi Alexander Bryan and Missy Shook
Third (Katie): Gwyn Benders and Melissa Todd
Third (Allison): Cory Hunter
Fourth (Megan): Melissa Trimberger and Dana Reid
Fourth (Katy): Emily Canibano
Fifth (John): Shannon Martonick and Miranda Lieser
Fifth (Rosie): Alexia Wellons and Kathryn James
Mid-level: Diedra Pine