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PTA Meeting Minutes 5/16/17


Attending: Joanna Goebel (President), Heather Fellers (Secretary), Joanna Crump (Treasurer), see also sign in list.

Called to order 6:37 pm

New Business

Next Year Bell Schedule – Kristie

·      Not announced yet because the district has not finalized the plan.

New Principal – Kristie

·      Meisha Plotzke is new principal.

·      Assistant Principal will be announced soon but will be filled internally from PPS, due to budget cuts.

Music Program – Kristie

·      Received $1000 grant from Montavillage Jazz Festival.

·      CSS was the only school who received it this year.

·      Hoping for more community participation and would like volunteer visibility from CSS in the future.


2017-18 Goals and Dreams

·      More involvement for PTA meetings and in general

·      PTA bulletin board in front hallway (maybe kindergarten area too?)

·      Deadlines for volunteers to be set for events to make sure events are properly staffed

·      Pitch In emails to encourage more volunteers

·      Calendar in main hallway – someone to update it

·      A website that has all the information all in one place

·      More midlevel and elementary interaction

·      Tighter connection with Site Council and PTA, especially with the role of constructivism

o   Site Council is a state program made up of half staff, half families.

o   How to get deeper into constructivism was a big part of this year’s focus.

·      PTA representative at weekly staff meetings

o   Meetings start with appreciations that would be a positive view of the school.

·      Ongoing conversations about how to encourage volunteerism

·      Coordinate classroom fundraisers with PTA communication

·      More student participation in events, especially midlevel students

·      5th Grade Transition meeting – Open Forum for parents and students

o   Currently more of an informational meeting


2017-18 Involvement

·      Volunteer Coordinator: Maureen

o   Megan Lammers used to do a weekly Pitch In email people contributed to when they needed.

·      Board Retreat to make more specific plans

·      Sports: Jill

o   A summary will come out at the end of this school year.

o   More detailed information will come out in the fall with all dates.


Officer Elections for PTA 2017-18

·      Nominations:

o   President: Joanna Crump

o   Vice President: Erin Anderson

o   Treasurer: Diana Marshall

o   Secretary: Heather Fellers

·      Nominated, seconded, all in favor


Adjourned 8:19 pm

Minutes taken by Heather Fellers