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Site Council Minutes 5/18/17


Present: Christie, Jill, Rachel, Brian, Racheli

Christie shared information about their Opal School visit:

  1. It was inspiring and overwhelming

  2. There are different ways to get PD.

    1. What is the cost?

    2. Different ways to get PD from Opal school

Rachel contacted someone from Opal about PD but hasn't heard back yet.

Working on constructivist practice from day one, focusing on climate part of it during the positive discipline portion of the PD, and then on instruction. Talked about reviewing the 5 tenants at the beginning of the year.

Action items by the end of this year:

  1. Confirm the amount of time for PD next year and tell Rachel and Christie as soon as possible - Meisha and Kristie

  2. Find  out cost and different PD options from Opal school - Rachel and Christie

  3. Confirm the amount of money in the budget for PD- Jill (PTA connection), Meisha, Kristie

  4. Write a short description of site council member position to post in the blast and send to Kenneth Johnson - Brian


Next year:

  • PTA would like 5 bullet point summation of site council meetings to post in the blast

  • New site council member

  • Focus for next year: Continue PD and define a goal. Continue to communicate with PTA about other issues.

  • Have a clear agenda for each meeting with PD portion every time.