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Site Council Minutes 4/20/17


Guest: Steven Foster (Positive Discipline)

  1. Review this year’s PD

    1. Interest-based group

      1. Mid-level- Trauma-Informed Care and Restorative Practices

      2. Constructivism

      3. Interventions

    2. Grade Level PLCs

    3. Grade Band PLCs

  2. PD for next year- 3 staff meetings a month and late start

  3. 3 areas of focus for explicit PD for 2017-18

    1. Constructivism = framework for instruction

    2. Trauma-Informed Practice/Positive Discipline - framework for climate and taking action

    3. Mindfulness - continue to implement MindUP

  4. Concerns addressed:

    1. Need framework through which we can take action

    2. Need for school to act as a K-8 rather than K-5, 6-8

    3. How much time we’d have for PD

    4. How to stay focused and not feel like too many things are on the plate

  5. Steven presents info for group on Positive Discipline and what he and Julia will offer. Talked about the close relationship and integration of TIC, Mindfulness

  6. Group wants to find some sort of structure/organization/trainer/coach to shepherd Constructivism in the same fashion as Positive Discipline. Does such a thing exist? How do we get coaching, a new perspective and find common language and common ground for practice?

    1. Discussed having a pro come in to do PD and ongoing coaching

    2. Discussed having the team going to NY for the conference use developing a PD plan for constructivism for the year (or more)