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Site Council Minutes 3/16/17


All here except Jill and Meisha

Discussed how the conversation about PD in relation to constructivism went with the staff. Staff was overwhelmed because there is also focus on trauma-informed care and positive behavior this year.

Four teachers are going to a conference about constructivism.

Constructivism-->climate-->trauma, mindfulness is all happening at the same time.

Mid-level is very interested in visiting each other’s classrooms and discussing it later.

Christi said it would be helpful to have a pre-meeting and focus on one specific thing you were looking for when the primary grades did it while doing their book study.

Christi shared a book about constructivism.

Rachel was asking about ways teachers could communicate to parents how to look for constructivism in the classroom because some parents are not seeing it happening in some classrooms.

The hope of Site Council is to come up with a solid and specific PD plan in relation to constructivism for next year and communicate the plan with parents.

Discussed all the work that has been done until now in the school about constructivism, and instruction.

Kristie talked about connecting with other schools with similar philosophy.

Next steps:

  1. Kristie and mid-level team will talk about how to do peer observations at their meeting next week.

  2. Kristie will include parts of the discussion in the principal podium.

  3. Create a PD plan for next year by the end of the year.