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Site Council Minutes 2/16/17


All here except Christi

Discussed shortening our time together to 1 hour/month to accommodate loss of staff meeting time.

PTA money in classrooms - how is it being used?

K-2: Bought books for group: Standards Based Constructivism. Using it to plan lessons and will hopefully result in peer observations and continued lesson design

3-5: Strengthening writing, especially expository. Have contracted with OWP to facilitate PLC for two sessions based on what teachers have described as being difficult to teach or inspire kids about - heighten kids’ passion about learning and then synthesize it to write.

6-8: Want to conduct peer observations - calendaring units to see where the disciplines align. What makes these constructivist, how do we keep improving. Moving towards the academic focus of constructivism as we integrate instruction across all content areas. Would like to watch each other teach the content so they can see how ELA teachers do it so math teachers can build on it.

PD - thinking about how to carry this work forward? Perhaps using the booklet from the Constructivist conference to guide the whole staff study for the 17-18 year. Trying to get more folks to go to conference.

Make sure that groups/PLCs/workshops get to share out to others what they are learning.

Could parents, Site Council, visit classrooms to see constructivism in action? Ask Rawls for further thinking.

Watching video we used for Info nights - discussed need for more photos/videos that exemplify the four “signifiers” we chose that demonstrate constructivism. Talked about how to get teachers to document all the cool things they do every day/week in classrooms - maybe use a signifier a month? Put in bulletin? Need a variety of ways to document.

Discussion about how to spend time together as a whole staff talking about getting to be a better constructivist teacher - Brandi commented that she really misses this discussion. Suggested using some reflective questions to get talk going.

Have a sub once a month to provide for time to look in others rooms to see the signifiers.

CAP - reviewed with parents and discussed various goals and their progress toward completion.

Next month’s agenda:

  • Develop a SC goal to accomplish by May

  • Flesh out the signifiers more fully

  • Report back staff discussion of ideas