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PTA Meeting Minutes 9/13/16


PTA Community Meeting & Orientation


*Meeting live video recorded and live streamed to Facebook


·      Introductions of attendees


Joanna Goebel (PTA President)

o   Welcome to all.  You don’t have to be a member of the PTA to get involved and assist with the school.

o   Benefits of being a PTA member: Participating in the non-profit status, being a voting member, contributing a small donation to our school, PTA provides insurance to our school-related activities.


Meisha Geisler (presenting for Kristie Lindholm)

o   Presented school budget.

o   PTA provides money to each teacher for additional supplies.

o   Encouraged all families to apply for Free and Reduced Lunch even if they are not planning on using it. The school has missed out on staffing and money from the district because our numbers were lower last year than they really are. Apply anytime but the district will start looking at the numbers in March.

o   Joanna G added a focus on how much the PTA fundraises for the programs that exist at CSS.


Joanna Crump (Treasurer)

o   Presented 2016 budget.

o   PTA fundraises approximately $40,000, excluding the Creative Arts and separate events that pay for themselves.

o   Ways to fundraise for the school: Just Give, FunRaiser, Food sales at events, Popcorn 50 Cent Fridays, Raffle, Restaurant Nights, Schoola, Amazon Smile, Fred Meyer.

o   Jeannette (Fundraising Chair) encouraged anyone to join the fundraising committee, which has already met twice.

o   Went over events that do not raise money for the school but take some PTA funds.

o   School beautification.

o   Garden Coordinator and garden expenses.

o   Classroom enrichment: $1000 for each teacher.

o   Float for the 82nd Avenue Parade (first year to do this).

o   Team sports.

o   Film series.

o   Field trips.

o   Constructivism Support: TBD by staff and administration.  Money is there and encouraged to be used for constructivism professional development or support.

o   Moved to approve budget. Seconded. Voted. Budget approved.


Jean Roy (Portland Eco-School Network)

o   Free trainings to help families learn how to work on making the school more sustainable, including student teams (Green Teams) as well as parent initiatives.

o   Most popular ideas: Cafeteria waste management, school gardens, recycling.

o   Additional ideas: Party packs for classrooms, Halloween costume exchanges.

o   Access to member website for ideas that have been used, if you join.

o   At the end of September, there will be informational meetings (Dessert Meetups).

o   Passed around sign-up sheet for people who might be interested.

o   Connected with Gwenn (Sustainability Chair).


Angie Fitzpatrick

o   Brief summary of ASE (After School Enrichment).

o   Deadlines are strict. Late registrations cannot be accepted.

o   Make sure your child wants to attend the ASE class since negative behaviors can arise when students do not want to be there.

o   Fall, Winter and Spring sessions.

o   Chess Club/Team is separate (coordinated by teachers Matt and Katy).


Gwenn (Sustainability Chair)

o   Looking for ideas and members for the committee.


Joanna Goebel (speaking for Beth – Teacher Liasion Chair)

o   Look for teachers to be connecting with the class about being a representative for your child’s classroom.

o   Teacher Liasion responsibilities: Sharing information with the classroom families, organizing holiday and birthday gifts, checking for teacher needs.


Brittney (Communications Chair)

o   CSS Blast – READ IT in its entirety, every week.

o   Bi-weekly Mid-Level Blast.

o   Boom! for reminders.

o   Facebook group.

o   Grade level listservs.

o   CSS website (newly renovated): Not completely finished but much easier to navigate (Still need help with the tech, if anyone is interested).

o   PTA is unable to get student information from the school, so make sure new families are connected where they would like to be.

o   Google calendars, school events, and classroom calendars can be downloaded to your calendar.


Tia (Hospitality)

o   Need to update popcorn machine with Popcorn Fridays as a new fundraiser.

o   Need volunteers for Popcorn Fridays.

o   Potlucks, coffees, other family events.

o   Talk to Tia or Lacy with any questions or ideas.


Jeanette (Fundraising Chair)

o   Creative Arts Run.

o   Just Give.

o   FUNraiser.

o   Looking for more committee members.

o   Question about choosing what your fundraising money goes to. Answer: It is difficult to manage that outside of restricted funds.


Jill Grassman (Sports Chair)

o   Fall volleyball for mid-level only, 4th-8th in spring.

o   Winter basketball (3rd-8th).

o   Entirely volunteer-run.

o   14 teams (at max right now).

o   Participates with the PP&R league.

o   Student athletes (code of conduct, parent code of conduct).

o   Money goes back to sports programs.

o   Equipment is used in PE too.

o   Kids can play with the PIL in order to play with students they will go to high school with. This is a program so students can play with their classmates from CSS.

o   Basketball skills clinic available after school.

o   Sign up for the CSS Sports Blast (link in the CSS Blast).


Maureen and Alina (Involvement Co-Chairs)

o   2 hour Power Pledges! They will be using these to find which people are interested in volunteering for what events.

o   Alina will be the Facebook contact. Maureen will be the school contact.

o   Trying to organize the system so we know what the volunteer needs are and who is interested and able to volunteer.


Catherine Cody (Garden Chair)

o   If you’re interested in supporting the garden, contact her. Any way that you would like to get involved, let her know.

o   Monthly classes in the garden, ASE Garden Club, Campfire, Summer Camp.

o   When the garden is not in use, it is open to be used by anyone, if there is adult supervision.

o   Late Start next week will be a time to come take a tour of the garden and learn about it, instead of a work party.

o   Late Starts are typically garden work parties.


Angie Fitzpatrick (Film Series)

o   More information to come.

o   First film is The Mask We Live In on September 23.


Joanna Goebel – Community Agreement

o   Make sure to read it and follow it.

o   All parents are doing the best they can.


Q&A and Issues to be addressed in the future

·      How are we reaching out to families who don’t have computers? Answer: Blasts are posted on the bulletin board.

·      Need someone to take over the Creative Arts Run next year.

·      K-5 is stronger with volunteers than mid-level. Looking for midlevel parents to volunteer throughout the year.