Creative Science School

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SOS Meeting Minutes 1/15/16


Working Plan Talking Points

Every child has the right to a quality education.

The Creative Science community believes in strong, local schools. Our hope is that all youth who’d benefit from constructivist instruction have the opportunity to attend a school with this focus near their home.

We wish to serve, grow, and diversify an inclusive K-8 community at our current central eastside location. Nearly half of the school’s community resides near Creative Science School’s SE 92nd Avenue location. Moving the school outside of the central eastside will result in family hardships.

Creative Science School and its constructivist instruction are at the forefront of education. The school demonstrates innovation every day: through the school’s use of problem-solving story lines, to helping other Portland Public schools implement successful literacy best-practices first pioneered at Creative Science School.

With the final DBRAC recommendation fast approaching — and three east-side schools left with unknown placement — we ask the committee to recognize the educational value each unique school provides.


District Component

1. Have a CSS parent on the docket at each school board meeting.

* Upcoming: January 26, February 2, and February 16

o Tuesdays at 6 p.m. Blanchard Education Service Center, 501 N. Dixon Street

o We need to sign-up for our 2 minutes

* Goal: Stay POSITIVE — stay on the board’s radar!

* Message

o Diedra Pine (January 26?): What we do, why it works, and talking points (above)

o ? (February 2)

o ? (February 16)

  1. Connection with new school board

* Goal: Stay on the board’s radar. Share what is special about CSS.

* Tactics:

o Invite CSS zone board member (and other board members) to tour CSS, join CSS at the start of the day, at a late open with mid-level students, and a storyline culmination, etc.

o Letter-writing campaign (Holly DeGrow). Include a positive tone and talking points (above)

  1. Testimonials

* Goal: 2-3 sentence statements from MULTIPLE parents — past and present. Illustrate How has CSS impacted your student’s educational experience?

* Tactics:

o Post on public-facing Facebook page

o Collect several to include in letter-writing campaign

o Retain quotes for future administrative reports and board presentations


Community Component

1. Create a public FB page

* Goal: Positive public image, strength community relations. Grow a diverse and inclusive community.

* Tactics:

o Highlight best parts of CSS

o Connect with neighboring, lower- income, and other Focus Option schools

2. Create a newsletter with Vestal, Bridger, Harrison Park for distribution in neighborhood(s)

* Goal: Spread the word that we’re all good schools. Recruit a diverse population.

* Tactics:

o Highlight celebrations, accomplishments, similarities/differences

o Post on neighborhood bulletin boards, in business windows.


Focus Option Review Component

1. Increase diversity and inclusion at the Creative Science School

* Goal: Become a diverse and inclusive school

* Tactics:

o Create a recruitment campaign

o Leverage the public-facing Facebook page

o Leverage the Vestal, Bridger, Harrison Park newsletter

  1. Opt into standardized test

* Goal: Good rating = good standing

* Tactic: Encourage all families to have child(ren) complete testing

  1. Communicate school successes

* Goal: Build credibility

* Tactics:

o Data: Compile test scores, graduation rates of high school students (Abby)

o Thought leader: Share our innovations

* 1st grade teacher Katy leading sharing literacy program/ best practice with other Portland Public schools

o Communicate testimonials