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Site Council Minutes 9/14/15


Site Council Agenda 9-14-15

  • Meetings schedule – M, Th 3:30?
    • Third Thursdays
  • Plan social events
    • replace one or two staff meetings with a social event as a way to build community
    • get dates in advance so staff can come
  • Restorative listening – on hold; talk with Todd, bring up at PTA board meeting
    • October 13 – focus on school experience
    • get questions for protocol – reduce anxiety or affective filter about process
    • get those to staff
  • Community building
  • Music Ed. (Residencies vs Vibe) – teachers would be happy to have scheduled weekly music for a designated period of time rather than residencies
  • Playground: covered
    • start taking pictures of cool ones (Marysville, Buckman, Atkinson, Laurelhurst)
  • Back to school night
    • why do parents come to BTSN? What’s it for?
    • sign ups for conferences, PTA jobs
    • originally/traditionally supposed to be time for teachers to communicate with parents about:
      • expectations for learning and behavior
      • learning targets, assessments
    • survey parents after BTSN and whether it met needs
    • try to do all of it this year:
      • community storyline
      • kids showing rooms
      • teachers and parents get to talk, Q&A
      • ML runs a mock schedule for parents to follow
  • Community care day: inside version. – pick a day and make a list
  • School website: staff bios, Vlog
  • action items:
    • Communicate to the larger community the channels of communication and the role of SC as a potential ombudsman/liaison
    • Grant opportunities for covered area
    • KL – contact principals of above schools to ask about grants or partnership
    • MG – contact NClack principals to get pics
    • Jill – reach out to Nike
    • Jacinda – take pics, talk to Montavilla Neighborhood Assoc
    • Rawls talks to Poler guy


Next meeting 10/15 at 3:30 – send ideas for agendas