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Site Council Minutes 11/19/15

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Topics from Meeting on 10.15.15

  • Back to School Night
  • Covered play area
  • CAP review: next meeting 11/19
  • Student Government
  • MLK Day of Service January 18, 2016
  • Process for parents for kids who are academically behind – intervention options? – when is it Special Ed or no? – Podium 10-17-15


Today’s Agenda Items:

1.Outdoor Redesign

Building a stand-alone play structure

  • PPS contractor said it was around 100,000- 200,000k
  • Looking to create a hybrid, prefab frame and how it is roofed and faced is up to us
  • We could give specs to manufacturers, more information we can give them upfront the better
  • Custom roof systems, we would need to figure out what to do with the rain water
  • How do we incorporate the younger play area and what can we do for the older kids
  • We add a walking trail and see if we can partner with neighborhood association
  • Jacinda spoke with the Montavilla Neighborhood Association and they did not have any money
  • Putting it where the basketball courts currently are located
  • Mike N. will get a quote for a play structure
  • Brian and Beth will do an image search to support outdoor play for mid-level
  • Mid-level students want a place to sit (outdoor class)
  • Beth will contact friend
  • Admin will talk with staff in January about their dream school

Make a list of priorities for our building

  • Put together a dream school and put together options with pictures for community members to provide feedback
  • Survey out to teachers to see what they would like to have for their dream space
  • Design charrette with students- Mike, Beth and Brian could facilitate classroom discussions

Parkrose Middle School Space

  • a lot of windows, open
  • conference tables
  • library was open

Think about the way we use the space inside the building.  

Think about ideas for shade next to the east and west side of the building.


  1. Potential CSS Walk and Bike Improvements


To: Kenneth Johnson and CSS Site Committee

From: Oliver Smith, (CSS Parent and Walk and Bike Coordinator) and Ted Walker (CSS Parent)

Date: November 13, 2015

Photos from this section can be seen SiteCouncil11.19.15.


Potential CSS Walk and Bike Improvements

The following three projects were identified as likely to have a positive impact on walking and biking comfort and safety at Creative Science School at a relatively low cost. (1) Curb ramps at SE 92nd and Taylor; (2) Covered bike parking, and; (3) New/refurbished paths between building and SE 89th Ave. More details follow. Your input is greatly appreciated!

Curb ramps at SE 92nd and Taylor


The sidewalk on the west side of 92nd is the primary infrastructure for the CSS community to access the school by foot. Often parents park on SE Taylor and then use the sidewalk to walk along 92nd. The curb is particularly high on the SW corner and unsuitable for those with certain disabilities. There are no bicycle facilities on SE 92nd and this road is particularly busy during drop-off/pickup times and feels uncomfortable to bicycle on.  

NW corner SW Corner


This project would install curb ramps at the NW and SE corners of SE 92nd at Taylor, like those below.

Curb ramps (photo: City and County of San Francisco)

Benefits include:

– Improve pedestrian access to Berrydale Park and CSS. Curb cuts would enhance the sidewalk;

– Improve access for disabled persons using wheelchairs, canes, etc. Curb ramps would bring this intersection into compliance with ADA standards;

– Improve bicycling conditions along SE 92nd by facilitating bicycle travel on/next to the sidewalk (at a walking speed) to access CSS from Taylor St


Submitted PBOT’s Curb Ramp Request form; Mentioned idea to Montavilla Neighborhood Association

2.Covered bike parking in back (west side of the kindergarten wall)


Bicycle racks in front of CSS are often full. They are also exposed to the rain, reducing the incentive to bicycle to and leave a bike at school. Furthermore, many people bicycling enter the school grounds from 89th Ave to avoid bicycling on the busier SE 92nd Ave and to use entrances on the west side of the school. Additional parking in the rear of the building is therefore needed.

Current racks in front of CSS in October 2015


This project would provide a covered structure with a set of blue staple racks beneath. PPS, in conjunction with PBOT, has a guide to assist  built (with designs, costs, material suppliers). A shelter seems slightly more appropriate in this location compared to the bike racks in the front. The racks would supplement the racks in front of the school. The shelter and racks are estimated to cost $1,000.

Proposed shelter location

Shelter example at Boise-Elliot Elementary (photo: Portland Bureau of Transportation)


Ted recently talked with Janis MacDonald, SRTS coordinator at PBOT, who said that they would like to come by for a site visit with Principal Lindholm, Vice-Principal Geisler and others. Kate Bennett offered to help coordinate a time for this.


3. Improve/build pathways from SE 89th Ave


Walk and bike access between CSS and 89th Ave, a common walk/bike corridor for the CSS community that avoids the higher traffic 92nd Ave, needs improvement. There currently is an asphalt path (in blue below) from the SW end of the school property that is deteriorating, with grass growing through cracks and encroaching on both sides. The path serves those traveling from the SW part of the CSS site, but requires uphill and out-of-direction travel for those parking/walking/bicycling for those traveling from the NW end of the CSS site. Those walking from the NW entrance have no formal pathway.

Current path entrance from SE 89th Ave at SW end (photo: Google Maps)

Entrance to CSS from 89th Ave at NW end (photo: Google Maps)

In addition, for those that want to access the front of the school, the quickest access from SE 89th Ave is to go around the north side of the building behind the gymnasium. However, the existing chain requires dismounting from a bicycle to get around safely. This discourages bicycle travel through this otherwise direct accessway.


This project would retrofit the existing path with a new surface and create a new path between the building and the NW corner of the CSS site. It would use a modern permeable surface to aid with water drainage, minimize maintenance needs, and look attractive. The path at the NW end would provide improved access to the CSS arboretum.

Existing and proposed paths between main building and SE 89th Ave (photo: Google Maps)

To further increase walk and bike access from SE 89th Ave, the cable preventing auto access on the North side of CSS (behind the gymnasium), could be retrofitted with a five foot opening that allows bicycles to pass through the center.

Proposed retrofit to north side accessway


No action yet.

  • Supplement with bike racks in the back
  1. Proposals
  • we will need to provide information on why we are a focus option school to the district
  • we need to be able to demonstrate that our kids are not only meeting but are excelling
  • December 1 is the deadline to give feedback on the DBRAC
    • how do we give grateful and gracious feedback
    • possible give a survey to hear all families perspectives
      • Kristie can put in podium
  • Beth & Kimberly will write up survey questions (start a google doc)
  • DBRAC Ideas:
    • map of communities, look at our demographics, have a presence at the meetings, having students voice, what do they love about CSS and how is it different than other schools.  Past student testimonials (after school enrichment)
  1. Pubicity
  • CSS Public Facebook Page
  • Newsletter