Creative Science School

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PTA Meeting Minutes 10/13/15


The meeting was called to order by Todd at 6:41


New Business

  • Katherine-Involvement coordinator- Volunteer training
    • Using Volunteer Spot online. Can see all opportunities in one place. No need for login. Only for community-wide opportunities, not classroom specific.
    • Always check in at the office, wear a badge.
    • Question about how to help families who are not connected to the schoolwide communications
      • They can sign up at has all the information for families. The communication committee is working on combining the two.
      • Directory is in process of being created.
      • Send any changes of email or requests to get on lists to Kenneth.
    • Most urgent opportunities right now: book fair, clothing drive, Halloween party, ASE showcase night coordinator. We are getting fewer volunteers, teachers are having a hard time getting field trip chaperones etc. Spread the word.
    • Confidentiality is very important. You will have privileged information about students in the classroom. Treat that information as you would want your child’s information treated.
      • On the other hand, if you see something strange, please report to Kristie Lindholm. She passed out a guideline for restorative practices for dealing with conflict. She encourages all of us to “parent” all the children and re-direct unacceptable behavior. Know you are supported and can ask for help.
    • Open Questions:
      • What is Site Council up to?
        • One year was spent on the community vision
        • Not really about the physical site. Mandate: Oversee the professional development plans for school improvement plan. Now the SIP is created by a teacher committee, presented to parents.
      • Playground expansion plans? If you see great play structures out and about, take pictures and send in.
      • All the things that happen: what is part/responsibility of the school, what is part/responsibility of the parent community?
        • Is passport club still happening?
      • What does “Creative Science School” mean? What is history?
        • At one time called the Portland Piaget School, PPS said you need a new name, you have one week. The science was supposed to reflect the use of inquiry, as in scientific method.
      • Moira gave a presentation on the brain and executive function.


  • Next meeting (November) will be off-site. Social only, no children. More info coming.
  • December meeting topic will be boys and their brains.