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Site Council Minutes 12/1/16



Attending members: Kristie Lindholm, Brandi Miller, Christi Braun, Racheli Ross, Jill Grassman,  Christopher Wallace , Brian Hoeft, Rawls Moore


  • Student Council presentation by Christopher Wallace, a parent:

    • He contacted Oregon Student Council. $60 membership fee through the state organization. Then students learn about and have governance roles

    • Brandi said that there is a history of student council being part of CSS when it was at Bridger

    • There used to be a representative from each grade at one point, which changed into leadership team

    • What grade level? Christopher suggests having it at midlevel and following all the rules. Team discussed the scheduling difficulties in making it an elective. This will not allow access to many students and there is not enough staffing to make it happen. It will have to happen after school to allow access for more students.

    • There has to be an adult sponsor. If we are part of the state organization then someone from there will be training the students and the adult. It will be hard for staff members to be part of it due to scheduling. If a parent is the adult sponsor then it will have to be a rotation to allow continuity.

    • Christi asked if we need to do a survey

    • Need 15-20 kids to be there

    • This year could be a transition year

    • Christi asked about the function of a student council: Christopher said ideally it would be democratic and not emphasizing the best students necessarily. Christi said it could be about furthering the main principles of the school, such as compassionate leaders and could be through community service projects. Tying it to taking care of ourselves, our school, and our community.

    • There could be an opportunity for younger students to participate as student representatives

    • Can Sarah come in January and help us come up with a timeline and create a survey? Christopher will contact Sarah.

    • If we decide to do it, it will be part of the discussion in hiring a new counselor.

  • Dates for future meetings:

    • Third Thursday of the month

  • Talking about constructivism and a product for the family info night

    • Overarching principles in constructivism

      • Teacher values students point of view

        • Example: A video of good classroom meeting with students participating

      • Classroom activities challenge students current thinking

        • Example:

      • Teachers pose problems that are meaningful to students

        • Foster the creation of personal meaning

        • Creating relevance to teach certain social studies

        • Example: 

      • Teachers build lessons around big ideas

        • Offer academic problems that challenges students to first grapple first with the big ideas and then figure out small steps to get there

      • Teachers assess students’ learning in the context of daily teaching

    • Talked about making a movie for info night with examples from the examples

    • Racheli asked about PD for teachers. Teachers explained the history of CSS PD.

    • There is about $4000 to use for PD from PTA. Some of the ideas are observe other classrooms at CSS and other schools.

    • Jill suggested coming up with examples of 5 signifiers of specific project. Kristie suggested for teachers signing up for taking pictures or videos of different signifiers.


  • Think of more examples of signifiers

  • How to present to staff

  • How to best use the PD money

  • Sarah will present to site council