Creative Science School

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Site Council Minutes 9/29/16


Welcome & Introductions

  • Brandi Miller - current 3rd grade teacher. Has taught at CSS 13 years.  Student taught here at CSS as well.  

  • Christi Braun - current kindergarten teacher

  • Brian Hoeft - parent

  • Kristie Lindholm - principal. Year 3.

  • Rachel Dolkas - parent/substitute in the building

  • Jill Grassman- parent.  

  • Meisha Geisler - assistant principal. Year 3.

  • Rawls Moore - math teachers. 4 years.


Mindful Practice - classroom script lead by Kristie


KWL of Constructivism (members on their own wrote what they already know about constructivism.)

  • discovering knowledge

  • interactions with groups, ideas and materials

  • Inquiry based learning

  • Questioning (teachers and students with their peers)

  • Multiple opportunities to explore ideas/concepts

  • Teachers knowing the different abilities within their classrooms

  • Invention centers in kindergarten- literally constructing projects. Midlevel makers space in Mr. Moore’s room (beginning stages)

  • Excellent systems, expectations, relationships.  Classroom has to be a safe place for students to be able to make mistakes.  

  • teacher and students being able to collaborate

  • Ownership of work on students and able to self monitor/manage

  • Midlevel- the weight the knowledge carries and how it is applied to a social construct. Using concepts and then doing something with that context.  (Vgotsky)

  • Uncovering of purpose

  • Owning knowledge


Goal setting for SC 16-17

    What brought you to Site Council

    What do you hope to see/accomplish

    What do you bring to the table to help this along?


  • Question: is there a framework that daily lesson plans can be planned through?

  • Answer: not currently.

  • Are there non-negotiables for teachers? If so, knowing that teachers are on a learning spectrum and they might be seen as goals.

  • Question: What do parents/teachers/admin/students look for when they walk into a room when looking for constructivist elements?

  • Walkthrough document?

  • Spatial standpoint- areas for students to interact.  Not desks lined up facing the front.  Group spaces.

  • Late start day exemplifies constructivism

  • Storylines, culminations to hear about process from beginning to end.  

  • Creation based school

  • Developing habits of mind. Asking questions, looking for answers and how it impacts social constructs.


Logistics - PTA $ and how we want support (ideas)


  • Parents have a quick blurb to share about constructivism.  

  • Can we develop some succinct way to share about our school’s focus option.

  • Showing processes of student work- video

  • signifiers and framework

  • First annual parent/teacher constructivist symposium


Determine monthly meeting date

  • Third Monday of each month. October 24 for next Monday.