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PTA Meeting Minutes 10/18/16



President Joanna Goebel, Secretary Heather Fellers present

Also see attached list


Called to Order 6:30

Approve last month’s minutes

·      Colleen Smith motioned to approve. Seconded. Voted and approved.

Last Meeting Follow-up

1.   None

New Business

1. Reports from committees that are represented at meeting

·      ASE update: If you have any ideas for future classes you’d like to add, let Angie Fitzpatrick know by the beginning of December.

·      Teacher Liaison update: All classes now have representatives.

·      Creative Arts Run: Committee needs to decide about how to allocate the funds because they did not reach the goal.

·      Funds K-5 music, assemblies, all school art show, midlevel music enrichment, artist in residencies, art teacher support

·      K-5 music will not be able to continue throughout the year.

·      Art Tax funds half of the art teacher with the PTA funding the second half

·      Fundraising:

·               Fall Fund Drive – Hoping to get 75 families to join Just Give (goal is $20,000)

·               Box Tops, Fred Meyer Community Rewards, Amazon Smile, Schoola

·               Currently planning FUNraiser

·               Meeting every two weeks, if you’d like to join!

·      Communications:

·      Still need website help for photos and layout. Christopher Wallace volunteered to help. Anyone else interested can contact Brittney Corrigan-McElroy.

2. Security on playground

·      Person who brought up topic is not in attendance.

·      Kristie Lindholm: Discussed ongoing issues that parents cite regarding campers parked along school property and people lingering around them. Encouraged individuals to call police non-emergency number themselves in order to expedite the process of reporting since that’s all that the school can do, too.

3. Student council

·      Christopher Wallace is interested in starting an official student council. (OISC)

·      Inspired by leadership in mid-level students

·      Had heard there was less cohesiveness in mid-level?

·      Would benefit the school in many ways

·      Could start small and build on in later years

·      OISC Representative (Sarah) can come talk to our groups with new information

·      PTA Board and Site Council will discuss it at upcoming meetings.

·      Plan on a presentation about Student Council at the February Community meeting

4.   Earthquake preparedness for January community meeting

·      Small committee has met and heard about what the presentation will include

·      Susan is coming to present about getting prepared at home and will focus on making it simple.

5. Constructivism training for teachers, ideas?

·      Workshops that teachers joined for about 6 weeks might be a venue for adding information

·      Possibly pay for substitutes while teachers observe other classrooms or schools with a constructivism focus

6. November teacher/parent social

·      Location is still TBD

·      Kristie Lindholm mentioned a possibility of an adult Field Day type evening before the social time outside of school.

·      More information to come soon.

7. Holiday concert/craft fair

·      Historically was a make-your-own craft night, with last year as a craft fair where people sold homemade items

·      Possibly K parents were interested in making this happen this year

·      Will try to find out more about the choir event/fundraiser piece


·      Rosie: Interested in starting a book club based on the topic of race, possibly. Once she finds interest, they can decide when they may want to meet.

·      Allison: Pro Measure 97. Would increase school funding by 1/3. Controversial because No on 97 has $20 million in funding for ads. Can help by phone banking, canvassing every Saturday.

·      Annie Lawrence: Trip to Mt St Helens is still be planned. They are waiting to hear about buses.

·      Pollinator Parkways will be helping install a pollinator garden by the kindergarten area with a grant during the fall conferences.

·      Costume Swap is happening for the first time. We’re unsure how many costumes there will be and what the need is, but there are organizations that are interested in the extras. Let Catherine Cody know if there is a place where you would like the items to be donated.

·      Covered bike area:

o   Parents are coordinating

o   Need approximately $3000 more

o   Ideas: Holy Spokes could possibly fund it. They were the ones who have done the BikeTown covers. Research will be done about this.

Adjourned 7:35pm

Minutes taken by Heather Fellers