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Site Council Minutes 6/1/15

Site Councilbrittney


In Attendance:

Rawls Moore

Colleen Smith

Kenneth Johnson

Kristie Lindholm

Meisha Geisler

Jill Grassman (2015-2016)

Kimberly Long

Jacinda Phillips-Tyler (2015-2016)


Katie L

Matt F

Discussion Action Items
Comprehensive Achievement Plan for 15-17

  • Meisha presented CAP for 15-17
  • Discussion about presentation of information for parents re: constructivism related to state standards
    • After teachers have had the time to come to common understanding
    • How to share information with parents - Back to school night, info nights

  • Current site council wants to focus on community building
Meeting times

  • Considering meeting dates for next year - Monday or Thursday appear to have the least amount of conflicts - will consider when we get closer to the beginning of the year (August)
  • Positions
    • Facilitator - Kenneth
    • Recorder - Kimberly
    • Process Keeper - Rawls
Look at schedules and discuss in August
Community Building

  • Opportunity to build a way for teachers as parents to know each other as people
    • Perhaps a fundraiser around a covered area
      • Wine tasting or other whole community fundraisers
    • Listening Sessions - Facilitated conversations around specific topics with parents
August Meeting: 8/20 2pm-5pm

Planning social events, community building

Kenneth to check with a contact at Arleta re covered area

Teacher Positions

  • Heather - Sci/Math 6
  • Courtney - Lang arts/SS
  • Molly McNeil - 2nd
  • 2nd second grade position - has been reposted - interviews will be on Friday
  • Michela Grohn - Art
  • 5th grade - interviews pending
  • Meagan - 4th - 1 year temp
  • Spanish - not yet determined

Welcome of new teachers

Continue with interviews Kristie to hold a new teacher induction on August 20th
Technology to connect teachers and families

  • variety of platforms
  • Perhaps class rep could assist with getting information online
  • Look at Lewis as a model perhaps, teachers blog

How are Announce, Blast, Principal’s Podium used Rawls - How much do we need to poll people to see how much they read, and how much do we need to say ‘This is how we communicate’ Could we do a combined newsletter, with hyperlinks to principal’s message? Discussed “The volunteer spot” - a website that can be set up with volunteer needs added.  Staff of PT could add volunteer opportunities on

Rawls and Maria to discuss around technology classes

Invite Kimberly to SLACK Kenneth to discuss tech communication with PTA Tech expected to be discussed with staff tomorrow Colleen to tackle “how is everyone communicating?”

PTA budget

Teachers would like some clarity on how to spend money, money they have to spend.  Has been discussed in PTA, organized “buckets” of money  to let teachers know what they have to spend.

Information from teachers about what they want from class rep - different teachers have different expectations Kristie to bring up at a staff meeting, perhaps at 1st late opening