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Site Council Minutes 4/6/15

Site Councilbrittney

Attended: Colleen, Katie, Matt, Kenneth, Kristie and Meisha  

Follow information from last meeting:

Wait to look at by-laws until May elections

We will elect in May

  • School will send ballots home via hard copies and online input
  • Kristie will put on the podium information about Site Council and open position
  • Jeff P. has decided to not be on Site Council for the remainder of the year


New Agenda Items:

Mid-level schedule

  • format for classes
    • humanities will be mixed grade (6-8)
    • math and science will be moved to grade level
  • electives
    • We will require one PE and one technology a year.  One technology will be more programming the other will be more about research.
    • Spanish (mainly for 7th graders, two year commitment- so they can get high school credit)
    • Leadership
    • Academic support
    • Drama
    • And two others
    • Service Learning/Green Team/Watt Watchers
  • Staggered start
    • School will start at 8:30 to alleviate crowding and we will be able to offer 2 electives a day.


Staffing - funds, openings, interviews, etc

  • Staffing changes, grade level placements are changing for next year.
  • Interview committee, we will need three different parents
  • Funding, we do not have enough FTE to retain our reading specialist and our full-time EA, we will have two part-time EAs
  • Look at implementing Go Read Curriculum again depending on student needs



Testing - help for opt out kids

  • Please contact teachers to support students who are not testing



  • Tomorrow 4-8 teachers will have time to go through lessons


End of year activities, 6th grade orientation, plans

  • We are having a slide show, field day, and a retirement after school party for David.
  • Field day, June 5, the week before school is out
  • Culminations happen the last week
  • 8th grade promotion, Kristie meeting with the committee.


Moving help (June 12-12, August 22, 23)

  • Reconfigure rooms because of our new space
  • Parents have offered to help June 12 (Friday)-June 13 (Saturday) and August 23 (Sunday before teachers are due back).
  • Clearing out under the stage
  • We have a dumpster coming the last week that students are here
  • Kristie and Meisha will put a memo out that unless grades have significantly dropped that teachers will not be leaving comments.  This is to support teachers finishing reports and possibly moving at the end of the year.


Service Drives

  • Under way


Green Team

  • Start of the year for compassionate community builders


Lost and Found

  • It was in the Podium to pick up by Friday



  • PTA will create a job description for this position
  • Staff will discuss the need for music class


For next meeting:

  • Share changes via podium
  • Share information about candidates
  • Possibly sharing student placement in June