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Site Council Minutes 3/2/15

Site Councilbrittney

Attending: Kenneth Johnson, Colleen Smith, Kristie Lindholm, Rawls Moore, Meisha Geisler, Katie Longstreth, Matt Feitelberg Time/Location: 3:15 in Meisha’s Room

Agenda Items covered today

Debrief Information Night

  • classroom tours for kindergarten
  • 5th grade information night
    • Next time:
      • make sure next time that it isn’t confused with the spring bridge meeting
      • the purpose of the 5th grade information meeting
    • Numbers of people that attend… outside numbers (not counting current CSS families)
    • both Kindergarten sessions were very full

Kindergarten: 224 First: 36 Second: 16 Third: 18 Fourth: 6 Fifth: 13 Sixth: 39 Seventh: 4

TOTAL: 356

SBAC Opting Out Update

  • Rawls emailed, Mark Freed, from ODE to hear how this will impact schools
    • because schools will not receive back information until next August decisions
    • won't be made until the SBAC data is back.
  • parents are upset and putting teachers in positions to state their feelings about SBAC.

Town Hall Meeting

  • possibly in April with a moderator
  • History:
    • a parent brought their concerns to the last PTA board meeting, at first they wanted to give a climate survey, decided to make it a Town Hall to see if we are doing what we say we are doing.
    • Chris and Heather met with Kristie and formulated an agenda/framework
      • what is going well
      • what are the challenges
      • what are the goals
  • How to support new teachers that are coming in with constructivism and storyline.
  • Waiting until admin has an opportunity to talk to staff
  • Thinking about who makes up the CSS community?
  • Think about how we advertise to ensure we caste a wide net and structure it so it stays solution focused.
  • Possibly use the compass and agreements
  • resolution NW, a lot of work in table groups first
  • Are we teaching to our Vision?
    • can they come with concrete examples?  If that is the concern.
  • The intention should be for our Town Hall Meeting
    • how is the staff community doing?
  • What are the hopes for the community meeting?
    • teacher appreciation week and turning it into CSS week
  • Ultimate Purpose
    • go back to PTA Board meeting to determine purpose and follow up plan

A Green Team

  • formation of green team to move forward on the issue waste management

MidLevel Survey Results

  • results
    • we are required to offer World Language
    • Kristie and Todd decided not to pay to get the other results
  • comments
    • We are planning for the longevity of the MidLevel program rather than just thinking about a “short term fix”
  • how to share with community
    • Bridge meeting which usually happens after lottery, possibly mid April- early May

Ideas have been shared via the podium/blast.

Agenda items to cover at the next site council meeting

  1. potential scheduling for mid-level next year & factors at play
  2. site council by laws, role(s) minutes