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PTA Meeting Minutes 3/10/15


No changes in the budget Hearing from Kristie:

  • Opt-out meeting
    • District testing coordinator, Gwen Sullivan from PAT came and spoke
    • Question about confirmation of receipt of application
    • Someone heard that a person who requested to opt out was rejected.
      • Answer: applications are forwarded to the district and a list of names is compiled. You need to check the right boxes, or it might be rejected.
      • Need to write in the plan for what your child will do for 5 ½ hours


  • Third grade boys won the tournament
  • 6th grade boys will be in tournament this weekend
  • Not all coaches knew about the tournaments, so not all teams played in it.


Montavillage Spring Fair coming up

  • Sunday, May 17 1-4
  • There will be a dunk tank
  • Jacinda taking the lead
  • Originally through a grant through SE Uplift to connect with neighborhood, grant ran out.
  • Do a raffle to count attendance. Usually 450-650 people depending on the weather.

Ada Dortch-Sexuality Education

  • Background: 3 yrs ago started with focus groups of students to find out what they were curious about and where they were getting information. Asked staff what they thught students needed to learn
    • Ada worked with the International Planned Parenthood educator for Europe and Central Asia.
    • Rights-based approach. Takes approach that young people have rights (from UN   Declaration of Human Rights) Also looking at state laws
    • Sex-positive: No blaming or shaming, not showing pictures of advanced cases of STIs.
  • Ada taught the lessons with teacher usually and Lynn with the idea that Lynn would take over.
  • Now, looking at sustainability of it, which means getting the school and teachers to take over. Teacher training begins next week.
    • Part of the rationale is that sexuality doesn’t require a specialist-anyone can talk about it.
    • Want to get everyone on board with similar vocabulary
  • Has been 5th to 8th grade, now will start with 4th grade. Integrating grade level health standards
  • Discussion about introducing it appropriately in earlier years.
  • Also getting a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) for kids going.
  • ODE doesn’t mandate a curriculum. They suggest Flash curriculum, but not required.
    • Ada says FLASH is better than it used to be. She would not use the ones on pregnancy and STDs. Look at it critically with the question, how does this include all my students?
    • CSS uses the It’s All One from Planned Parenthood
  • Comprehensive approach has 7 major themes
    • Gender
    • Violence
    • Self Esteem/Communication
    • Health
    • Relationships
    • Diversity (race, culture, sexual orientation, family make-up)
    • Rights
  • Don’t divide up by boys and girls.
    • Not everyone identifies as boy or girl, everyone should know about everyone’s bodies.
    • Try to make it as interactive as possible
      • Making it as safe as possible-did it in Lynn’s room, to make it more comfortable.
      • Provided a question box, but they didn’t use it. Most just asked the questions.
  • 12 week sessions, has always happened in spring. Hoping it will just become part of the curriculum/conversation.
  • Question about communicating the scope/sequence with parents.
    • In the past a lesson plan went home .
    • Kristie suggested sending it home ahead of time so parents could see/talk about it.