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PTA Meeting Minutes 1/20/15

PTA Meeting Minutesbrittney

The meeting was called to order by Kenneth Johnson at 6:40pm. Introductions


  • David presented new format for budget, explained details
  • Question about spending sexuality education budget
    • Kristie says Ada is meeting with all staff February 17 to discusss common language. Teachers will begin to work with Ada so teachers can present material. Teachers will communicate to families the timeline for rolling out in classroom.
    • Goal is to raise all we need for next year at FunRaiser.
    • Creative Ats Committee met to decide budget allocations for classroom enrichment.
    • Budget was unanimously approved.

New Business 

    • Guest Speakers:  FBI Special Agent Charles Dodsworth. Topic: Internet Safety
    • Program called Innocent Images
    • Child predators who use the internet referred to as “travelers”
      • 80% are explicit about their intentions
      • 73% of crimes, youth meet offender multiple times
    • Victims are:
      • Early-mid teens
      • Mostly girls
      • Unsupervised computer access
      • Often dysfunctional families
    • Kick is an instant messaging program via wi-fi
    • 65% of HS students admit to unsafe, inappropriate or illegal activities online
    • 1 in 5 kids in teen years are solicited sexually online: most likely in a chat room, 34% communicated with unknown persons.
    • Chatroom Lingo: ASL age, sex, location; POS parent over the shoulder; P911 parent 911
    • Tips:
      • Have computer in central, public area so you can monitor
      • Set ground rules early
      • Monitoring software works, but don’t rely on it alone. Kids will find a way around it.
      • Have access to passwords, email accounts etc. Monitor their activity


    • Pool Party Saturday January 24
    • FunRaiser February 7, please come!
    • Donations being accepted until end of this week, contact Angie or Megan
    • Beyond Diversity for parents starts in library next Tuesday. Six sessions. Two sessions here, then Bridger, then Harrison Park
    • Free childcare and dinner
    • RSVP to Kate
    • Info Nights. Need volunteers for tours, helping parents sign up for petition process. There is a change that there will be
    • Email Kristie, Misha or Kate if interested
    • Feb 12 (K), 18(gr 1-3),19(gr 4-8), additional daytime session for K
    • Parent Survey about schools went live today. Links and yard signs all over. Papers in the office in multiple languages. Please participate.
    • Basketball program this year: 85 kids. Please go to games and support students. Cheer our students on!
    • Next Meeting March 17