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Site Council Minutes 11/3/14

Site Councilbrittney

Purpose of meeting to set agenda for the year Absent: Lynne (is she continuing?), Jeff (cannot make a meeting until Jan., poss. replace?), Ada (cannot make meetings on Mon.)

Present: Kristie, Rawls, Katie, Colleen, Kenneth, Kim


Discussion follows about SACET: Kristie breaks it down. 45% of lottery spots go to Free/Reduced with siblings getting preference. 55% is then divided equally among 8 high school clusters (again siblings get preference) If no one transfers from a particular district, it is divided among remaining. If there are more siblings than remaining slots in any given cluster they will not get in. Would like to refer to historical transfer numbers who is coming from where (walk+bike data).

How does this inform our Information Night? Possible 2 Kindergarten, one 1-3, and one 4-8


Mid level Service learning:  we need transparency and repeatability. Jo to do drive again?

Part of school’s culture.

Proposed: 6th grade projects in school, 7th out of school, 8th their own choice (plus homeless experience)

When will we manage and track?

We should tie it in with younger grades and build upon each year.


Building Space:  It is likely we will stay (and Head Start move) or get portables

Sex Ed.: Ada to provide possible 3rd and 4th grade primers. Coordinate with teachers to train with Ada.


Future topics:

K-8 integration

Diversity committee

6-8 schedules

School handbook