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PTA Meeting Minutes 11/18/14

PTA Meeting Minutesbrittney

The meeting was called to order by Chris Anderson at 6:36pm.  


Need to make some changes because of:

  • $535 over on events, will make it back on the pool party
  • We have to be audited because of tax rules, are $50 over in hiring an outside accountant
  • Expect to raise $16-20k at Funraiser
  • Arts run made $16k
  • Yoga enrichment is not happening, although it was budgeted for $2k.
  • Box Tops container is empty right now because Kate was cleaning up. Give boxtops to Kate. Not clear if money goes to PTA or directly to CSS general school budget.
  • Teachers still have $12K to spend
  • Grade specific fundraising:
    • Garden to Table and Halloween pizza sales made almost $1541.

Budget changes were approved.



  • Fun Raiser will be at the Village Ballroom-is a nonprofit organization, money we pay them goes to a charity of our choice. Maybe we can get the kids to decide. It will be fun, low-key, there will be some auction items.
  • Just Give is still an option , will do another push in December for last minute tax-deductions.
  • Need wine donations.
  • Saturday, Febuary 7, theme is Love Fest
  • In summary they want the school to be 45% eligible for free and reduced lunch (FRL) to reflect district average.
  • This doesn’t affect us as much as other focus option (FO) schools.
  • 2 years ago when we had 29 siblings in K, 27 would have gotten in. Chris points out the change they want would occur without removing sibling preference in 4 years. SACET wants change sooner than that.
  • Filip set goal of more diversity. Staff and parents set goal of 20% of Kindergarten slots would go to Head Start students. SACET wants a solution for all FO schools.
  • What do we like about the SACET proposals? What do we want to keep, what do we want to recommend to change?
  • Question: Are they going to look at how people access the lottery process?
    • Historically FO schools have not been allowed to “advertise”
    • Only paper copies of translated applications. Online is only English.
    • Chris says we should write to board members, not SACET. Board is going to make the final decision.
    • Suggestion: We need to tell our story, get it out and support people in application process.


  • DaVinci meeting two weeks ago.
  • Judy Brennan and SACET committee members presented their proposals
  • Chris pointed out that statistically her model was incorrect. Judy said they were using it anyway.
  • Kristie said she is planning on reaching out at community organizations to tell more people about CSS.
  • School board is going to take comments at board meeting until January 6, when board makes its final decision. November 25 is full, December 2 may not be full. Other options are a letter to the editor in the Oregonian, get a spot on OPB show like Think Out Loud (they already featured this issue twice).
  • Many people mention we should get our story out, share how we agree with almost all of the SACET recommendations, but we all feel strongly that the sibling preference is important for our community. We need to get across that we have been working on this issue and understand the importance of these issues, not create an us and them issue.


Head Start

  • Representatives came and asked to be included more in events, conversations about our shared space, the future of the two programs being in the same space.