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Site Council Minutes 3/31/14

Site Councilbrittney

Present: Katy Relaford

Lynne Gammon

Filip Hristic

Colleen Smith

Rawls Moore

Heather Zelinsky


Community Comments:

  • Kenneth Johnson and Carrie Blanchard have been working with 6th grade and 5th families to try and bring them together to discuss issues of transition from 5th to 6th grade at CSS
  • They will meet with parents in April to find out what those issues are and then will host a coffee to facilitate discussion
  • They will come to next SC meeting with a full report




Site Council Elections- all

  • We will have 2 parent spots opening up for next year, Heather’s and Russ’
  • Colleen and Heather will work with the PTA to coordinate a time for candidates to speak and for an election to take place before the final SC meeting of this year; we now have 2 new members, Kenneth Johnson and Kimberly Long; no other candidates came forward and so we dispensed with the election process
  • Staff positions rotate on a yearly basis
  • Staff will talk informally to decide on the next rotation
  • Lynne to recruit community member
  • Heather to check in with Ada to find out if she is interested for next year: she is but her schedule may not be compatible with Monday meeting times (these work best for school staff and have worked well for parents in past)


Measuring Student Success-(Filip)- put off until next meeting


Sexuality Education- Lynne

  • Students and staff are going to attend a conference in Seaside where Caden Richards will present
  • 5th grade newsletter is going well
  • Some differences between this year and last year include: an earlier delivery of curriculum, Deb and Lynne delivering as well as Ada.
  • Looking at next year, Lynne could see weaving issues from sexuality education into broader counseling curriculum, where they might have a natural fit (like with regard to communication styles, relationships, gender, etc.)
  • Next steps should include: making a decision about units and figuring out how to schedule a map of sexuality education topics for over the whole school year
  • The program would like to reach out to community resources more
  • Brief discussion of lack of other CSS staff who have been trained by Ada and how students may benefit from more adults in building being trained and prepared to handle incidents that may come up between scheduled Sexuality Education classes
  • CSS has 2 gender-neutral bathrooms for adults and students to use, no questions asked-we were going to create signs that indicate these bathrooms and use the sign-making process as an opportunity to engage in a school discussion of gender identity and choice but in a past meeting, SC decided that the issues are about privacy and so pulled back from that conversation
  • Need a steering committee of students-is this happening?
  • Lynne doesn’t have time to support this right now due to supervision schedules at lunch and recess- who else might?
  • Needs to be a staff member, possibly a member of the Climate Committee who has a unique role?
  • Or do we move in the direction of having a GSA? Do we want a club model or a comprehensive Sexuality Education program complete with a steering committee?
  • Staff and Filip will review how teachers do committees and will look at next year’s schedule to try and find time for a staff member to support a steering committee
  • Mid-level schedules will be done by the end of 1st week of April



  • Filip distributed documents that show current and 2014/15 FTE
  • Filip shared a couple of scenarios for next year
  • We will basically have 1 more FTE
  • Open positions include; Assistant Principal, 1 full time secretary (Pam will stay but not at full time), and 1 art teacher
  • SC reviewed documents and asked questions
  • We will interview for the art teacher position on-site
  • AP position goes through an off-site process that involves a bunch of principals going to a central location to interview a bunch of AP candidates. Then they all try to pick who they want and divide up the pool of applicants.
  • SC member brought up the idea that we might take this opportunity to select an AP to increase our equity (i.e. a minority or female applicant)


Futures Protocol- ran out of time, on agenda for next meeting



  • One more meeting left
  • Here are some issues that we may want to explore at our last meeting: Growth and building space, sexuality education, schedule, mid-level, equity update, measuring student success, futures protocol, 5th/6th grade transition,?
  • Next (and final) SC meeting: Monday, May 5,  3:15-5:15