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PTA Meeting Minutes 4/15/14

PTA Meeting Minutesbrittney

Meeting called to order at 6:38pm.  

Filip’s update

-       8th grade Urban Immersion trip is this week. They will be spending tomorrow and Thursday downtown (and spending the night at Trinity Episcopal) and serving the Portland homeless community. Then they’ll spend a night at the Embassy Suites downtown on Thursday night as a celebration. There will also be some reflection time at the hotel with small group discussions and they will eventually present their experiences to teachers at school.

-       7th graders are going to Trackers Camp this week, as well. The trip almost had to be canceled due to lack of chaperones, but a non-7th grade parent stepped up to fill the need.

-       4th graders are going on the Oregon Trail overnight Thursday and Friday this week.

-       We are expecting to have about 450 students next year (compared to 420 this year). There will be about 120 ML students (78 this year). There will be an additional ML classroom (taking over the current Learning Center classroom).

-       We’re adding a .5 special ed teacher in addition to Andrea and are keeping all the paraeducators.

-       We have a 1.0 assistant principal vacancy. This was given to us last year due to our size, but we converted it a half time classroom teacher/half time student advocate position. Next year we’re required to use the 1.0 assistant principal position. The interviews for this position are not done by a school-based hiring committee. Filip’s hearsay understanding is that all the principals with AP vacancies interview candidates together and decide together who goes where. Filip should have more information about this process in the next couple of weeks and about when the interviews will be. Ben Needham has applied to the AP pool. A committee decides who will be in the interview pool. Filip will be our representative for the kind of person we want for the job.

-       Jenny, our art teacher, is leaving for a full-time position at Bridger, so we have a .5 vacancy for an art teacher. Those interviews will happen through a school hiring committee and will happen in the next week or so. This is also the same time frame for the hiring of the .5 learning center position.

-       The current plan is for Katy R. to teach 6-8 humanities. Depending what happens with Ben, he and Ashley will figure out coverage for 4th grade/PE.

-       If Ben gets this or another AP job, what would like happen is that Katy would teach 4th, we’d hire a new ML teacher, and Ashley would teach PE, etc.

-       The PE for next year is still up in the air in terms of who will be teaching it, but Filip thinks we definitely need more for ML.

-       We are still waiting for more information on the space/Head Start issue. There is a parent group trying to get the folks at the district to talk to us about it. The board is working on getting a district rep to come to one of the next PTA meetings or a special, separate meeting to give us an update and answer questions.

-       Next year we are going to retain the most amount of 5th graders moving on to ML that we’ve ever had.

-       Pam is also retiring next year and there is a 1.0 principal secretary vacancy. Filip would like us to think about how we’d like to honor her the rest of this year. There is a scrapbook in the works. Each class could do something separately, as well. It could be nice to dedicate something permanently in the building, as well. A celebration at the end of the year picnic would also be nice.


Fundraising update

-       Thanks to the committee for a successful fundraiser!!

-       We don’t have a final number yet.

-       Night of we were at about $7k, but expenses still need to be subtracted. We’ll probably be at $5-6k (goal was $3-4k).

-       Emails went out today for all the teacher raffles.

-       Pay-to-Play informational emails are forthcoming.

-       Kennedy School half night is coming up on Monday 4/21. We get 50% of the proceeds from 5pm to close for all food sales (does not include alcohol sales).


Site Council update

-       There are two parent openings this year (Russ and Heather are cycling out). Two people have expressed interest in the position. Anyone else who is interested should contact Colleen Smith.

-       Current discussions include the growth/changes in the ML program, space/location issues, and other issues pertaining to the governance of the school.

-       If we need to have an election for the open parent positions, it would be by office ballot and online within the next month. If only two people are interested, they will automatically fill the positions.

-       Site Council meets twice a month immediately after school.


PTA positions

-       Next year the general community meetings will only happen quarterly instead of monthly (though the board will meet monthly).

-       The only positions we are required to fill are president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. We also have several other positions available.

-       All positions are open to anyone who is interested.

-       Chris will continue with the president position (normally a 2-year position) but is also open to a co-president.

-       Board meetings are in the evenings at people’s houses and include “refreshments”. They are also open to anyone in the community, not just the board.

-       This summer the board will be putting together binders of information for various positions and events to help those in the positions next year, as well as providing mentorship for next year’s volunteers.


Languages at CSS

-       Rachel is interested in inclusion of languages in the after school program (continue with Spanish and maybe add another?)

-       In the past Spanish happened after school but not as an after school program, but it was expensive and structured very much like a class, which was hard for kids at the end of the day.

-       What are the possibilities of including languages during the day?

-       First step: put out a poll to gauge interest.



-       Crystal is available currently and will take the first paying job offered. We’ll have to decide if we want to fund this next year (and if we have the funds). She also recently found out that she’s pregnant, so this may be her last available year.


Camp Out

-       There are some problems with the online registration form. If people are having problems, you will still be able to register onsite on 4/30.

-       Everyone must attend the registration night on 4/30 to sign up for jobs and pay. If possible, register online ahead of time to cut down on the work load for the committee and to speed up the registration process on 4/30.


End of School Year

-       Two days have been added to make up for the snow days, and school will now end on Friday 6/13.

-       The “fun stuff” will happen two days later than usual (yearbook, etc.).


Meeting adjourned at 7:51pm.