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Site Council Minutes 3/3/14


Site Council Attendees – Filip, Heather, Jennifer, Katy, Lynne, Jeff Guests – Kenneth Johnson, Carrie Blanchard, Lori Murphy, Robin Romer


Mid-Level Updates

Filip reported on the mid-level bridge meeting. The meeting was focused on families currently at CSS and had good turnout. Attendees had the chance to hear the teachers speak about different subjects and to see a mock up of a daily mid-level schedule.

Following this update the group discussed how to best help ease the transition into mid-level for students and families. One idea was to organize peer-to-peer conversations among existing and incoming mid-level parents. This may include a meeting or series of meetings. Carrie agreed to look into this with Robin and Lori offering their help. The group also discussed other ways the transition to 6th grade can be made easier for current 5th grade students at CSS and the particular challenges of transitioning to mid-level within the framework of a K-8 environment (the overall school is the same but many expectations naturally change with mid-level). Ideas included creating an incoming student prep day for students starting 6th grade, perhaps in combination with the welcome picnic in August, and increased orientation sessions before the school year and/or during the first few days of the school year.

Update on Diversity Conversations

Filip reported that approximately 20 people attended the meeting, and that attendees brought an interesting mix of their own experiences and thoughts that led to a good conversation. These conversations will continue at future meetings.

Futures Protocol

The group continued conversations on forming a 3-4 year vision for how CSS will grow and evolve. Heather distributed a list of ideas previously created by site council, and Filip distributed a list of ideas generated by a group of about 25 current mid-level students. The group noted similarities between the lists and began combining the lists and discussing possible timelines for some of the ideas. This work will continue at future site council meetings and at a variety of other venues in the future.