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PTA Meeting Minutes 3/18/14

PTA Meeting Minutesbrittney

Meeting called to order at 6:37pm.  

Aliesje King, garden educator, was not able to present tonight.



-       There have not been any changes to the budget since last month’s meeting.

-       $1000 that was allocated to Montavillage will go back into the general fund.

-       We’re a little short this year compared to last year, but hopefully the FUNraiser will make up the difference.



-       Event has been canceled due to lack of volunteers to run it. The hope is that a group of people will step up to run it next year.

-       We’re talking to the neighborhood organizations, churches, vendors, etc. with whom we have built up relationships over the last few years to let them know we’re taking a hiatus this year.

-       The most work is vendor organization, but all this work is over email and the pieces are in place for someone to take it over.



-       Date is April 12 at MacTarnahan’s Taproom in NW.

-       Cost is $30 per person, which covers 2 drinks and dinner, and $15 goes back to the school.

-       We need to pre-sell 150 tickets by April 1 for the event to happen.

-       ACTION ITEM: Brittney to email class reps to ask them to email their classes.

-       There will be no class baskets this year.

-       This year raffle tickets will be cheaper and can also be used for pay-to-plays.

-       Committee will be sending out email soliciting pay-to-plays.

-       ACTION ITEM: Chris to follow up with Linda about communicating with community and teachers for raffle activities. Diedra will be talking to the teachers.

-       There will be games with prizes. Donations for prizes are welcome.


Camp Out

-       Is May 30-June 1


Space at CSS

-       District will not have more information/decisions about what will happen at CSS until December 2014.

-       We’re trying to get one of the district reps to come to our April PTA meeting.


After School Program

-       Registration opened last Sunday night.

-       We still need help with the program for next year, but Jenny is still willing to help.

-       The program is running very smoothly and has been easier than in the past to manage.

-       Change: scholarships will only go to families with a parent who volunteers at least once a week (and half price for those who quality for free and reduced lunch).


Talent Show

-       Will be May 14-15.

-       More information forthcoming later this week.


Yellow Submarines

-       New submarines are in use in the K classrooms and we need to do something with the old ones.

-       We may raffle the old ones off at the FUNraiser but are also open to other ideas.


Garden Update

-       All the classes have gone out at least once a month to learn in the garden.

-       A second grade mom is going to paint a beautiful mural on the new shed.

-       There has been a lot of vandalism over the past few years.

-       We’re looking at options for a fence to discourage vandalism (especially over the summer and other times when the school is unattended).

-       The ideas for the fence are all to make it a work of art, involve the kids in the artwork, and grow things on it (vines, etc.) so it won’t look too “fence-like”.

-       The garden welcomes and encourages more involvement in work parties, etc.

-       Garden committee will be sending out information about donations needed for the fence project.

-       Garden gate will be locked during times the school is unattended, but garden committee will find a way to make sure the CSS community still has access (during the summer, etc.).

-       Supplies are now needed to move forward (as well as time and people power!).

-       This year there will be a garden summer camp at CSS (Aliesje has details).

-       There is a kale start sale tomorrow (late start day) starting at 9:30am.


Project Chalk-Talk!

-       Project was inspired by a TED talk about a project in a community to give people in neighborhoods who don’t always talk to each other or see each other an opportunity to interact with each other by writing responses on a large bulletin board in chalk in response to the question “Before I die, I want to…”.

-       We’d like to do a similar project in our community in response to the question, “What does CSS mean to me?”

-       We discussed options for a location and construction possibilities for this type of board.

-       Everyone liked the idea of creating a nice-looking board that would remain in one location (on the wall outside the cafetorium), perhaps with a rotating question, where adults and kids could write responses and read what others wrote.



Meeting adjourned at 7:36pm.