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Site Council Minutes 2/3/14

Site Councilbrittney

Attendees:  Colleen, Lynne, Heather, Jo Evans, Lisa Bagetta, Jennifer, Rawls, Katy, Filip, Russ, Jeff Community comments and conversations

  • Still trying to understand how we get more feedback from mid-level parents

Updates / Follow-up from November

  • Passport club
    • 2-5 grade teachers:  generally positive feedback.  Mostly students like it.  Good for bringing Geography curriculum.
      • Improvements:
        • Organization in the space (before they test, when they test, and after they test)
        • Activity helps to make it interesting for kids and keeps them engaged
      • Site Council recommendation:   Teachers in 2-5 will continue to support classroom time for Passport club as long as PTA continues to fund and organize it monthly.
        • Constructivism of program
          • It is not general constructivist.  Without activities it does become memorization of countries and capitals.
          • If PTA wants to develop a more constructivist approach that would be fine.
      • Overall – we need a process for managing and evaluating non-PPS programs at CSS.
        • Suggestion:  should be an annual survey of the programs collecting input from teacher, parents, and students.
          • Do our programs continue to support are Vision/Mission of CSS in the best way possible?
          • Share it with the community and Site Council
          • Recommendations on changes/improvements based on this discussions
  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education
    • Newsletter and information has gone home for 5 thru 8th grades
    • The comprehensive/holistic approach covers 7 major themes
      • Self-esteem/communication, gender, relationships, rights and health, diversity, and violence
      • February 18th PTA meeting will include a CSS sexuality education orientation agenda item
      • Planning a parent/teacher sexuality education workshop on February 25th
  • Measuring Success
    • As a Site Council, how do we measure the programs, professional development, budget, and all the other things we do are being successful?  Lots of schools used standardized test results.  What are the indicators for CSS?
      • Last year teachers started identifying “priority” students that are struggling to meeting grade level expectations:  reading, writing, math, & behavior
        • Formal assessment, informal assessments, standardized assessments à look at the full body of work
        • Keep track of interventions and the results of the interventions
        • Information from previous year is shared with the teacher for the next grade to help connect the supports from one year to another
        • The idea is that over time that list of priority students continues to reduce as we more effectively provide the support to reach expectations and benchmarks.
        • If the list a teacher is getting at the beginning of the school year the same as the new teacher 1 month in.
          • If yes, there is good vertical alignment.  If not, then teachers need to align and discuss to ensure the connections between grades
        • Filip to bring in the info from Q2 assessments and data on –
          • How many kids total? Breakdown of reading, writing, math, behavior? Gender? Demographic?
        • This process and approach continues to evolve.  Opportunity to identify supports for students not struggling enough to qualify for district programs but still needing additional help.
          • Idea what is the parents perception of the student’s performance in the key areas.  Discuss at teacher conferences.
  • Mid-level handbook readiness for 5th grade bridge meeting
    • Small changes but by and large the handbook will be the same
    • Will meet in the 4 classrooms.  Will spend 10 minutes in each classroom to understand how each class operates.
    • This year’s discussion about mid-level and continuing at CSS is not about the quality of the program (last’s discussion) but more personal/family choice.  Kudos to the mid-level teachers and everyone that has been involved in the changes and success in developing the CSS mid-level.
    • Lisa working to accommodate and engage more mid-level parents.  Likely to have an evening meeting outside of CSS to allow other parents who cannot currently attend the meeting times.
  • Tentative March Agenda
    • Future protocol