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Summary: Parent Equity Group Meeting 2/11/14


Filip decided to have this meeting because after several conversations with parents, he realized there is a desire to engage in this conversation as a community. Sample of community response about what brought people to the meeting: Connection to LGBTQ community; raised by gay parents. Work with people with disabilities. Concerned that CSS is a bubble that isn’t authentic. I’m multiracial. Questioning choice of CSS due to lack of diversity. Public school looks so different from the neighborhood. Really appreciates Filip’s bringing up equity and injustice. Would like to see how we can expand the tent to include more diversity.

Questions to think about: What is the enrollment process, how can we make changes? How do we define diversity? How important is diversity to us? How are we serving/educating our current student population in preparing for the real (diverse) world?

Next meeting ideas: What are our current demographic numbers? What is our goal around diversity? How can we address our goal?

Filip wants a place (these meetings) for parents to feel safe to bring questions and topics of discussions around diversity. In an effort to create that, Four Agreements of Courageous Conversations were handed out as discussion guidelines. 1. Stay engaged 2. Experience discomfort 3. Speak your truth 4. Expect and accept nonclosure

Filip will set another meeting date and an agenda and will announce it.