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Site Council Minutes 1/6/14

Site Councilbrittney

Attendees:  Jeff, Colleen, Heather, Rawls, Katy, Filip Community Comments

  • Jeff informed the group that he needs to step down from the role of facilitator. He has been accepted into a year long training program with a grad school-type curriculum and will not have the ability to continue in the facilitator role. Heather and Colleen agreed to work as co-facilitators for the rest of the 2013-14 school year with Colleen acting as facilitator in 2014-15.


Building and Space Update

  • Filip presented an update on the situation for the 2014-15 school year
    • Head Start will keep 3 classrooms
    • CSS will continue its planned growth process
    • To create the necessary classroom space, some staff will move and share office space as described in Filip’s email in December
  • Parent feedback has been mixed between those upset and those appreciative of the efforts to accommodate the situation
  • The group discussed the possible options and concerns for the 2015-16 school year as PPS enters a broader redistricting process for schools. The key questions/concerns expressed included:
    • Who at PPS is going to be responsible for the process and ultimate decision?
    • What is going to be the proposed timeline for the process and decision?
    • When and how will our parents and community have the opportunity to participate in the process?
  • The group decided to draft a joint letter, along with the PTA leadership group, to be sent to PPS administrators to open a conversation about these questions


Setting a 3 to 5 Year School Vision

  • The group participated in the first step of a future vision exercise for the CSS mid-level program. The situation presented was: “In a perfect world, when one of our current 8th grade students returns to CSS as a high school senior, what would s/he see, hear, and experience as s/he spent a day visiting the mid-level program?”
  • This work will continue and be shared with the community during future meetings