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Site Council Minutes 12/1/13

Site Councilbrittney

Attendees:  Jeff, Colleen, Heather, Jo Evans, Katy, Jennifer, Filip, Lynne, Russ

Community comments and conversations

  • Conferences is an amazing time to meet parents and talk with them.  Jennifer recognized a HUGE thanks to the parents for the amazing spread of food during conference time and supporting the teachers.


Updates / Follow-up from November

  • Passport club

    • Support seems to be 50/50 across parents, teachers, and students

    • It was noted that although considered optional the entire class has to go to passport club making it only optional to study not to participate.

    • Currently have strong parent support for this year.  Site Council recommends continuing in current format for this year.

    • Jennifer to poll teachers to discuss continuing next year during school day, as an after school club, or something else.

  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education

    • Lynne shared proposal from Ada Dortch

      • Curriculum would cover the state standards but also allows for flexibility to cover topics of interest to students

        • Ex:  HIV/AIDS must be covered as part of the state health standards.

    • Budget

      • Request is for PTA to support initial startup costs developing the program

      • On-going sustaining budget for future years would come from Filip’s CSS budget

        • Goal would be to have professional development for entire staff for students

    • Communication Protocol – Filip to send out on Friday

    • Goals/Topics from the start of the year

      • Drivers / Owners:

        • Site Council

          • Vision

        • ML Council

          • Increasing representation – happening as a direct result of ML council and engaging students there

          • 8th grader promotion

          • Service Learning

          • EPIC trip

          • Fund raising

        • Filip

          • K-8 integration:  discuss with ML teachers and bring to ML council

          • Bridge meeting / handbook / assessment of block schedule – bring back to ML council

        • PTA

          • School/family relations – December PTA meeting cancelled to discuss community involvement in events and activities

        • Teacher leadership

          • Peer observations on constructivist info

          • Working on professional development around constructivism

          • Constructivism continuum examples as the grade levels -  will not be happening this year.  Continuing to track and will look at next year.


Setting the 3 to 5 yr vision

    • Pushing to January meeting


Tentative January Agenda

Community comments and conversation

Setting 3-5 year vision

Updates/Follow-up from December

Passport Club

Sexuality education funding

Parent involvement update