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Site Council Minutes 11/4/13

Site Councilbrittney

Present: Filip, Colleen, Rawls, Katy, Heather, Jeff, Lynne and Jennifer  

1.    Community and Comments:

  • Passport club- what is community feedback on PC?
  • Began 3-4 years ago by PTA with PTA funds with the blessing of CSS staff
  • Happens once a month for grades 2-5
  • Exists to promote global identity/sense of community/geography
  • Is current format the right format for our community (rote memorization, “optional” but with non-optional testing, crafts, about 15 mins per class during the school day)
  • Would we better serve the goals and our community by having the PC happen as a club or as an after school class?
  • PTA finance committee voted this summer and chose not to fund PC but materials had already been paid for and a volunteer had already put in significant planning time so full PTA board decided to go ahead with it for this year


Action Items:

  • Filip to ask staff for feedback (and feedback on all PTA funded and organized parts of school day; music, garden club, PC, etc.
  • Colleen to check in with PTA and discuss the possibility of creating a community-wide survey to identify level of interest in continuing program as-is


2.    School Improvement Plan (SIP)

  • Review of 2011-2012 SIP
  • This document, in it’s present form, is no longer relevant to our current community
  • Goals that are written need to change so that baseline data is for cohort of students being assessed
  • Hopefully PPS will have a new SIP format in August of 2014
  • Review of data from 2012 -2013 ODE Report card ratings (how the Oregon Department of Education rates schools)- All data is based on OAKS testing in grades 3-8


Action Items

  • Filip will make modifications to this year’s SIP and present to his supervisor


3.    Communication Protocol

  • Review current document and make suggested revisions

Action Items:

  • Filip will make suggested revisions and send final draft to Jeff
  • Jeff will connect with Chris Anderson to release to community
  • Filip will include in weekly memo


4.    Work Team Reports

Mid Level: 

  • Last meeting was devoted to Service Learning and the many strategies by which to support the goal of 100 hours of Service Learning for each graduating 8th grade student
  • Suggestions of how to get the word out on SL opportunities included making a bulletin board for both the ML hallway and for in the front of the school.  Also, having a bulletin board that celebrates the SL work of individual students.
  • Possibility of a student written newsletter that gives details for SL opportunities (it would itself be an opportunity for SL hours)
  • Garden to table night and events leading up to this night as opportunities for students to log hours
  • Lynne’s student leadership team is discussing community service ideas
  • Next ML meeting will focus on 8th grade Promotion


Climate Committee

  • Staff reviewed and finalized “expectations for common areas”
  • Safe and civil surveys for students due at the end of Dec; PPS collates data and returns
  • Parent on CC?
  • Finalizing a “PBIS” handbook for community


Action Items

  • Filip to reach out to parents who may be interested in joining the CC via his weekly memo


Teacher Leadership

  • Update on Professional Development (PD) calendar:  currently includes PBIS, Equity, Constructivism via Brandi, Katie and Jules, time for staff to talk about topics relevant to our school community, peer observations via Matt and Brandan


Action Items

  • Filip to bring staff PD calendar to next SC meeting for vote on adopting proposed changes


Equity workgroup

  • Lessons/examples of integrating multiple perspectives
  • Looking at enrollment numbers/demographics to have a conversation with teachers and parents about diversifying our community


Sexuality  Education

  • Lynne and Ada are working on a proposal to present in the next couple of weeks that details a couple of options for delivering the content of sexual education at CSS
  • Working with all levels of teachers
  • Student involvement (bulleting board? Newsletter?)
  • Who (Ada/Lynne/other teachers) teaches what?


Vision/Measuring Success


  • Looking at other schools and how they determine “success” and how it drives their Mission (Russ/Jeff)


Action Items

  • Jeff will meet with Filip about moving forward


Next Mid-level Site Council Meeting 11/18

Next Full Site Council meeting: 12/2