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Site Council Minutes 9/9/13

Site Councilbrittney

Attendees:  Jeff, Colleen, Heather, Katy, Jennifer, Filip, Ada, Rawls, Russ

Site Council Logistics

  • Site Council roles decisions
    • Recorder:  Russ Hensley
    • Colleen Smith:  PTA liason (PTA meetings and PTA board meeting) will ask others to help cover, as necessary
    • Adding mid-level students
      • Site Council student representatives
        • Looking for full year commitment from students
        • Filip will put out word through the advisory groups
        • This could be part of community service for students participating
  • Mid-level work group students
    • Will definitely be looking for students to participate
    • Filip will put out word through the advisory groups
    • This could be part of community service for students participating


Review topics / outcomes from retreat

  • Reviewed topcis from retreat to prioritize and set the agenda for the year.
  • Did not complete.  Will be discussed again in October meeting.
  • Full list below that has not been prioritized and is still work in progress.

Mid-Level 1. Create assessment tool for new block schedule. 2. Review mid-level survey outcomes. Add content to surveys and plan how to engage more families. 3. Update mid-level handbook.

K-8 Integration 1. Create measures of integration.  What is working? 2. Determine if mid-level should be a separate identity under CSS umbrella or part of the whole?

Service Learning 1. Update / clarify mid-level plan for community service. 2. Identify community partners. 3. Identify community service liaison.

Increasing Representation 1. Add mid-level students to site council. 2. Ask mid-level parent to be in work group.

School/Family Relations and Interactions (includes teacher/parent, parent/administrator, and student/teacher) 1. Create framework (materials, meetings, processes) for healthy dialog. 2. Create open time at site council meetings for community input?

How do we measure student success? How does it look for K-2, 3-5, and 6-8? 1. Develop rubric - what assessments are valid? 2. Look at existing evidence - is anything "missing?" 3. Investigate idea of creating a portfolio of "best" work examples from year to year.

School Climate and Culture 1. Provide update on PBIS program with goals for 2013-14. 2. Connect to school-wide storyline and share with parents.

Professional Development: What is the overall plan and plan for constructivist PD? 1. Staff teams create document for community on what core principles look like at each grade. 2. Share resource texts/information with parents ("everybody reads" idea).

Vision/Mission/Principles 1. Create way to capture constructivist info from peer observations. 2. Make v/m/p more visible in building and in general communications (newsletters, etc.). 3. Build on last year's work with peer observations and PD.

Diversity: How do we create a more diverse student population? 1. What does diversity mean at CSS? 2. What are our diversity goals and how do we achieve them?

Long Term Vision What are the goals for CSS in 5-10 years?

Sexuality Education 1. Review what CSS does now and how this fits with vision/mission/principles. 2. Decide if best fit is to use pre-existing program, modify something, or create our own. 3. Determine if this should have a connection to health topics like strangers, drug/alcohol, etc.


Work groups

  • Site Council will recommend a first cut at priorities to be worked 2013/14
  • Work groups will discuss, prioritize, and bring their recommendation on objectives and timelines to Site Council including additions or deletions
  • Site Council agreement there is alignment to the leadership vision
  • Periodic updates at the end of each quarter or semester
    • Progress updates
    • Changes to priorities/plans

Site Council is the decision forum for broad programmatic changes and support of the broader vision of CSS.

Good discussion about making sure the work groups have the autonomy to work and drive topics as needed.  Goal is to find the balance between Site Council being the being the broader decision making body and allowing the work groups to make decisions.

Committees to be created in staff meeting in September

Russ – send out Comms process and document for final inputs

Filip – to ask for ML parents sexuality education.  Advisory groups for students