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Site Council Minutes 10/7/13

Site Councilbrittney

Attendees:  Colleen, Heather, Katy, Jennifer, Filip, Lynne, Rawls, Russ


3:15           Welcome & Introductions

3:20           Community comments and conversation

3:35           Site Council review

  • Role as a governance body
  • Voting process

4:15           Work team reports (updates on topics, outcomes, and timelines)

  • Mid level
  • Climate
  • Teacher Leadership
  • Equity
  • Sexuality Education
  • Vision / Measuring Sucess

5:00           Wrap-up

  • Review key decisions
  • Action items and owners
  • Topics for next meeting


Next meetings:  week of 10/21 work groups,  11/4 full site council



Community comments and conversation

  • Lottery question – Did CSS administration influence the lottery process?

Site Council Review

  • Reviewed Site Council scope of work, roles & responsibilities, and voting process from Site Council by-laws.  Link to by-laws
  • Discussion
    • Middle student engagement – several students have expressed an interest.  How they will participate in the mid-level leadership sub-team vs Site Council or both is not clear yet.  Definitely encouraging active participation.
    • School improvement plan (SIP) -  what is the plan for this and how will it work?
      • Did a SIP 2 yrs ago.  Last year district guidance was to continue using the same SIP
      • Plan is not clear on what needs to be done with the SIP this year.
      • Filip will be following up with district on expectations and more direction.  Will review in November meeting.


Work team reports

  • Mid-level (Heather)
    • Good turn out to first meeting.
    • Site Council members attending:  Heather, Filip, Colleen, Rawls, Katy
    • Why did people come
      • Communication – too many venues, what is the chain?
      • Transparency – making sure parents and students know why the teachers are doing what they are doing
      • Supporting our students
      • Forming subcommittess
      • Staying involved – community is tighter in K-5, more teachers at ML, connection to other parents
        • Transition – proving tough for some 6th graders; why?  How can we do a better job?
        • Outcomes
          • Formed committees
            • Fundraising:  led by Lisa Bagetta.  Ex:  garden to table dinner, etc
            • 8th grader promotion:  led by Jo Racklin  à  year long celebration and year end.
            • 7/8th grader field trip:  led by Lisa Bagetta
            • Communication:  led by Gloria Harrison
            • Service Learning:  led by Jo Evans and Allison Brill à  at school opportunities and out of school ones
            • Transition: still forming into a committee.  Not led by anyone yet.  Lots of issues with transition discussed.
              • 6th parent survey will be going out soon
        • Next meeting:  Monday, 10/21
        • Climate (Lynne)
          • Team members:  Eric, Maria, Lauren, Christy, Filip, Lynne, John, Ben
          • Reviewed work from last year
          • Decided Ben would facilitate
          • Initial topics for the year
            • Reviewing common area handbook and sharing
            • Positive acknowledgement system
        • Next meeting:  Oct 17th
          • Will discuss bringing in parents
        • As a staff going to be working restorative justice.  Fillip will be doing sharing with teachers and educating the parent community.
        • Teacher leadership (Filip)
          • Team members:  Brandon, Brandy, Katie, Matt, Filip
          • Initial topics for the year
            • Want to work on getting ahead of the conversation on constructivism and why it looks different/changes as students go through the grades
            • Equity (Filip)
              • Team members:  David, Rosie, Andrea, Lisa, Jennifer
              • Initial topics for the year
                • Looking at curriculum and thinking about ways to ensure that multiple racial perspectives are included in the curriculum
                • Looking at enrollment and transfer data:  who is applying, where are they coming from, demographics, and these the results was want.
                • Sexuality (Lynne)
                  • Discussion with Lynne, Ada, and community thoughts
                  • Topics
                    • Staff training
                    • Visiting educator
                    • Looking at curriculum across the entire year and 5-8 grades.  Training staff.
        • Ada will be developing a proposal on how to develop the curriculum.  Moving towards Ada providing consulting and support but not necessarily delivering the curriculum.
        • Next week will begin discussing with 6th  & 7th graders on what they want to learn to help develop lessons
        • Feedback:  need to figure out how to share the information with parents
        • Vision/Measuring Success (Russ)
          • Team members:  Jeff, Russ à more to be added
          • Approach
            • Benchmarking what other schools have done and use some previse work as a framework or starting point.
            • Remaining plan to be developed
        • Need to take same approach as last year and work backward from information nights to determine timing of our progress
        • Topics (still in development)
          • Space issues – all school assemblies, locker, etc
          • Middle strategy/vision
            • Handbook
              • In 3 yrs at capacity
                • # classrooms
                • # staff
                • Elective offerings
                • Advisory program
                • More clarification of constructivism in middle school -  lots of research on this teachers can share and help to educate parents on what a constructivist middle school
                • Blended vs grade level
            • Service learning – making it sustainable
        • Benchmarking candidates
          • Sunnyside handbook
          • Laurelhurst (K-8):   support storyline
          • MLC:  K-12 how is this different, cross age learning
          • International schools:  MYP or PYP schools is storyline and ML is extension of scientific method storyline
          • How many schools do have a mission and vision separate from the district?