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critical thinkers, courageous problem-solvers, compassionate community builders

PTA Meeting Minutes 9/17/13

PTA Meeting Minutesbrittney

Meeting called to order by Chris at 6:30pm. A round of introductions! Budget

-       Chris extended an invitation to anyone interested in finding out more about the budget to attend a board meeting (monthly, the week before the general meeting).

-       Laura T. highlighted a few of the changes (increase in after school program support to support online registration, combination of classroom money for enrichment and supplies, increase in outdoor/sustainability – we’re getting a covered bike rack!).

-       There are still some items up in the air (sexuality education, yoga).

-       Laura R. pointed out that the budget is always evolving throughout the school year as we get new requests, etc.

-       Chris noted that we spend about $56k per year on our children’s education. We are awesome!

-       We do not require our kids to peddle items to raise money. We raise money in a multitude of other ways.

-       John H. moved to approve the budget. Seconded. Passed.


Filip’s update

-       We have a new half time art teacher!

-       We have a new mid-level teacher!

-       We promise as a school to make sure that our kids are compassionate community builders, courageous problem solvers, and critical thinkers. This year’s community storyline focuses on courageous problem solving. The culmination will be at back to school night on October 3. The essential question is “How are we courageous problem solvers?” Each class will respond to this question at back to school night.

-       Next year the focus will be critical thinking, then loop back around to community building again the next year. We plan to cycle back, since the same student may answer the question differently as they get older. We’re also looking at how to save some of their essential work so they compare it over the years as the questions are explored again.

-       John H. asked if the Principal’s Podium might eventually become a Q&A to address questions the community might like to have answered. Such as: common core practices implementation and how it relates to our mission and vision statement and transfer enrollment discussion. Filip encourages us to email him big questions like this that he can incorporate into his updates.


Volunteering at CSS

-       Chris expressed that there are opportunities for everyone’s interests and schedules.

-       No need to be overwhelmed – let us know what works for you!

Business meeting concluded at 7pm. Remainder of the meeting spent on presentation by Jules Goodwin, one of the co-founders of CSS, about constructivism.