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PTA Meeting Minutes 6/11/13

PTA Meeting Minutesbrittney

Meeting called to order by Diedra at 6:45pm. Approval of minutes from May meeting. Motion made, seconded, and approved.

Budget report

-       No new spending

-       Money still to come in from Burgerville fundraiser

-       Teachers should submit final receipts from their classroom allocation spending

-       After school program payments to instructors are still to be added

Arts update

-       What will happen to arts funding now that we have a half time art teacher?

-       Money will shift to mid-level electives for art, most likely

-       We are waiting to find out more information before allocating funds

Campout update

-       Will probably be under budget (due to spending less on food)

-       Budget numbers still to be updated

Go Read update

-       We trained six parent volunteers, a grandparent, and a teacher from Cedarwood who put in a total of 120 hours tutoring children struggling with reading

-       There will be a meeting after the end of school to discuss modifications and improvements for next year

-       Reading specialist has done evaluations on kids, and her recommendations, along with recommendations from teachers, decide which kids will be in the program (separate from IEPs, etc.)

-       Three volunteers have committed to next year. We’ll have each tutor work with two children at a time

-       This year’s trainer (Sally) has agreed to train new tutors and mentor current tutors (so there won’t be much in the way of new expenses for next year)

-       If we get more volunteers to train as tutors, we can include more kids in the program

Update from Filip

-       We have a humanities teacher joining the mid-level teaching team next year – Brandon McClain (from Beaumont)

-       We have a half time art opening that has been posted to external candidates (no applicants for phase 1/internal), which gives us more choices for candidates to interview. Filip will let folks know about opportunities to be on the interview team.

-       One Head Start class is moving out of the building

-       Lynne and psychologist will move to room 10

-       Lynne’s room will become Rawls’ math classroom

-       Camp Fire will move from their current room to the cafeteria (will have storage cabinets). We’ll work out the challenges this may create for the after school program.

-       Camp Fire room will be used as mid-level space (will be used for sections of math, Spanish, and space for Ben to use for meetings)

-       K-5 schedule for next year is done! All of K-5 students will have 6 specials per week (plus music)

-       One day per week, each of our grade level teams will have an hour of planning time

-       Staff will have one additional staff meeting per month to dedicate to constructivism/CSS mission without affecting our school schedule

-       Mid-level schedule is also done! There will be several new electives.

-       The schedules will be sent out to parents by the end of June.

-       Lunch schedules are the same groupings of students but have been increased from 35 minutes to 40 minutes with more time outdoors

-       We’ll have around 80 students enrolled in the mid-level next year (60 this year)

-       Classroom assignments will be available by the end of June, as well. Letters will go out and will include supply lists.

-       One of the mid-level elective times will be clubs, which will be led by various staff members and parents. If you have interest in leading a club, please let Filip know.

PTA planning for next year

-       Summer board retreat on June 29 – all are welcome! (Location TBD – keep an eye out on Announce)

-       Board will be discussing the after school program and how to transition it to new leadership for next year.

-       Board will be looking at mid-level opportunities with sustainability and recycling as part of their leadership opportunities

-       Board will look at fundraising and scholarships to help with trips

Passport Club update

-       No one has stepped forward to lead it

-       In survey, teachers supported it but 62% said that their students did not prepare for it and they wanted to see it reworked with a different format and different goals

-       Filip would like to see it continue even in its current form, but we need a parent volunteer to take it on

-       Board will discuss at retreat

PTA Board Officer Elections

-       Officers are president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer (only elected positions)

-       Chris Anderson for president

-       Kenneth Johnson for vice president

-       Laura Trace for treasurer

-       Brittney Corrigan-McElroy for secretary

-       Moved to accept nominations, seconded, and approved

Meeting adjourned at 7:26pm.