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PTA Meeting Minutes 5/14/13

PTA Meeting Minutesbrittney

Meeting called to order at 6:36pm by Diedra. Minutes from previous meeting approved.


-       Updated budget distributed. Includes additional funds brought in from FUNraiser (net $18,741). No new spending.

-       Last fundraising event is Burgerville restaurant night on Monday 6/3.

Update from Jules

-       This year she has met with individual teachers on both specific issues in their classrooms as well as discussing the philosophy and ideas of constructivism

-       Supported observations by teachers in each other’s classrooms – the majority of the teachers chose to do this and observed at least 2-3 other teachers

-       Feedback about the observations was very positive, and the opportunity sparked discussions and conversations among the teachers

-       For next year: more feedback from observations that can be passed on to those being observed and allow teams of teachers to observe each other during their scheduled team time. Could this also be a larger conversation among the full staff wherein teachers could share some of the things they observed?

-       Next steps: establish some consistency in structure/language around classroom activities

-       Filip wants to be sure we’re following the teachers in terms of their needs and desires and not imposing something on them.

-       Jules is interested/willing to come back next year if the PTA would like to fund her. She would like some additional support from someone on staff in terms of scheduling logistics with the teachers.

Update from Filip

-       We get a half time art teacher next year! The art tax funds are still in limbo, but the City of PDX and PPS are pitching in to make up most of the funds in the meantime. He encourages parents to send the superintendent a thank you for her creativity in making this happen.

-       Art and mid-level Humanities positions will be posted this week – these are the two positions we have available for next year.

-       Next year Rawls Moore will become a full-time ML math teacher (4th and 5th grade technology will not be available – some of this may be integrated into library time). Ben Needham will remain half time PE and will become half time student management specialist (licensed version of a VP) dealing with student discipline, events, etc. (everything except teacher supervision). Katy Relaford will go back to teaching half time 4th grade and half time ML math and electives. All other staffing remains unchanged. K-5 will have more enrichments next year than they have had in the past.

Site Council

-       This year: constructivism, PBIS character education, mid-level, scheduling, etc.

-       Two parent positions are open for next year. (We have four parent positions that cycle every two years). Russ Alexander-Hensley and Heather Zelinsky will remain for next year. Brooke Dempsey and Jeff Pazdalski will rotate off.

-       We have three candidates for the two positions: Jeff Pazdalski running again, Colleen Smith, and Kimberly Long. Candidate statements will be sent out via email, and present candidates gave introductions (Colleen and Kimberly – Jeff could not be present).

-       Election will take place online from tonight until next Monday 5/20. Information will be sent out on Announce. If you’re not able to access online voting, you can send your vote to Russ directly.


-       This Sunday 5/19 from 1-4pm!

-       We still need volunteers for several jobs. Contact Megan Lammers or Chris Anderson if you can help out.

-       We need handy-helpers to help put another skin on the stage – contact Chris if you can help.

-       Art parent meeting is moving to 4th Thursday to glaze the tiles that will be created by the kids at the event for the arboretum.

-       The noise ordinance guy loves us and our event!

PTA Nominations

-       Sign up sheet will remain up in front of office until next week

-       Plenty of positions are still open – everyone is encouraged to sign up!

-       Elections will take place at the June PTA meeting

PTA Update

-       Board is sending out a survey to the teachers to get feedback on PTA activities in the classroom, how we can better serve them, etc.

Business meeting adjourned at 7:15pm.

Remainder of meeting: gender-based parenting presentation.