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PTA Meeting Minutes 4/16/13

PTA Meeting Minutesbrittney

Meeting called to order by Lisa Baggetta at 6:42pm. Last month’s minutes approved.

Update on PTA Funding Spending Philosophy

-       Board has recently drafted a policy to help guide decision about funding and will be adopting it for future funding requests.

-       Laura R. passed out copies of the policy for review. (Appears at the end of these minutes.)

FUNraiser update

-       Approximate funds raised were $21,000. After expenses, about $18k raised (met goal!). Go CSS!

-       There are still spots open in some of the Pay-to-Plays. They are posted in the hallway by the front office for anyone who wants to sign up.

PTA positions for next year

-       All positions are open and we invite anyone interested to sign up

-       Officers will need to be voted in – nominations at May meeting and elections at June meeting

-       We will have a sign up sheet in the front hallway of the available positions (which is all of them!)

-       We will put out a list of positions with descriptions (and time commitments) on Announce

-       Board meetings are open to all, regardless of whether or not someone is a board member

Campout update

-       Packet of information will go home this week or next week

-       Online sign ups will be available this year, but you’ll still need to come to the in-person sign up on 4/30 (6:30pm in the cafeteria) to pay and confirm your spot

-       Capping at 400 people this year (375 attended last year)

-       Each adult will just have to have one volunteer job this year

-       Friday night dinner will be catered by Cedar Ridge this year

-       Activities will be reduced slightly to create more free time for interaction

-       Event is the first full weekend of June (before the last week of classes)

-       $55 adults, $45 kids (inclusive of food)

Montavillage update

-       This year is the 4th annual

-       Event involves the entire community and neighborhood

-       Event is on 5/19

-       Will include the usual fun activities, plus a plant sale for the garden, a farm with animals, a samba band, our kids’ chorus performance, food carts

-       Volunteers are needed – preparation as well as day of event (contact Chris Anderson)

-       More vendors are needed – there is no charge to the vendors, but we ask that they donate 10% of sales back to support the event (PTA funds the rest)

-       There will be a bike check/tune station

Directory update

-       PDF went out this past week

-       Hard copy will be coming out soon

-       Contact Todd Henion with any changes

Filip’s update

-       Next school year’s budget was released

-       We do not have to cut any positions – we received a staffing increase total of 1.94

-       District has underestimated our student population – Filip is hoping to get this upped

-       We will receive a half time art teacher funded by the art tax

-       K-8 schools with more than 400 students get an assistant principal or admin at 1.0. Filip is going to try to get this as a half time assistant principal/admin and a half time teacher

-       More details will be included in this week’s memo in the Weekly Blast

-       Our budget is due on 4/29. A mini Site Council meeting will take place before then for Filip to present his budget

-       Mid-level schedule will be available to current 5th grade families in the next couple of weeks

-       Will be adding staffing to the mid-level program – we will go to three sections (increase of .5 to .75). We don’t know yet if we’ll be posting for a new position.

-       There are 34 siblings coming into kindergarten next year!

Walk and Bike to School Month

-       Laura Carver organizing for May

-       Carpooling has been added as an option for families who live farther from school

-       There will be prizes!

-       We’ll be entering the competition on the event website

-       Let’s offer a prize for biking to Montavillage!

Business meeting adjourned at 7:21pm.

Remainder of meeting spent on parenting presentation by Cara Lee (Parenting with Consciousness: Navigating Strong Feelings). This is part one of a four part free series Cara is offering over the next few weeks.


CSS PTA Funding Spending Philosophy

The CSS PTA believes that all funds raised and spent should support the constructivist teaching philosophy, community building activities and student enrichment opportunities.  All expenditures should benefit the majority of our students or fill a detrimental void in student education.  The CSS PTA believes in bridging the gap of budget and education shortfalls within Portland Public Schools in order to offer CSS students a more rounded and rich education.

Funding request process & procedures

All fund proposals shall follow the same process.   The PTA Board may only make recommendations regarding requests for funds and may not issue final decisions.

-       All requestors shall complete a PTA Funding Request Form.

-       This form will be initially reviewed by the PTA board.

-       The board may have further questions about the proposal and may ask for additional information from the requestor.

-       The board will put forth the request at the next general PTA meeting with a consensus of support or non-support.

-       The board may make a recommendation for further discussion at the next general PTA meeting prior to a vote.

-       All final decisions however, are made by majority vote at the general PTA meeting.

-       If funds are approved, then the requestor proceeds with project.

-       If funds are denied, the PTA community's decision is the final decision.

PTA Funding Request Form

Name of Requestor:  ________________________________________     Date:_________________

Phone: ______________________________       Email:__________________________________

Title of Request:_________________________________________________

Amount of funds requested: $_________________

Description of proposed spending project/request:

Please explain how this proposal meets the PTA spending philosophy: