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Site Council Minutes 3/18/13

Site Councilbrittney

Present: Christi, Russ, Ben, Brooke, Jeff, Katy, Filip Constructivism Professional Development Update:

Filip reviewed that the goal is to give teachers time for teams to meet (K-2, 3-5, or mid-level) to work together on sharing and developing constructivist teaching practices while also creating opportunities for students to learn about art on a monthly basis.

  • Current vision is that each team would have the chance to meet monthly during regular school hours while the students work with arts teachers
  • Filip is working with parent to work out schedule possibilities and logistics
  • One concern raised was with possible conflicts with mid-level math classes
  • Funding for the arts teachers for this time was discussed
  • Brooke suggested trying to find grant writing help so burden of cost isn’t entirely on PTA
  • This plan may reduce artist-in-residence funds and would likely eliminate the all-school assemblies, but students would receive a dedicated block of time to work with arts instructors each month

Russ suggested that having periodic updates on the professional development planning as this moves forward

Next step: Filip will share the current version of the Friday schedule plan with staff and will discuss pros and cons with them

Sunnyside Environmental School Visit Update

Katy shared some observations and comments of her visit to Sunnyside Environmental School

Visits to other schools will continue in April when Katy and Jules will visit Laurelhurst

Communication Methods & Processes at CSS

Russ commented that there have been some mid-level miscommunications and misunderstandings and the goal is to set a process for communication when dealing with difficult issues moving forward

Filip outlined a general plan:

  • If issue is between a student and teacher – the expectation is that the student/parents will talk directly with teacher
  • If student/parent are uncomfortable talking with teacher or unhappy with the outcome of an original conversation – student/parent should talk with Filip
  • If there is a systematic or “big picture” issue that impacts a large group – the issue should be brought to the attention of the site council
  • In regards to current issues with mid-level:
  • Filip commented that he has had very few conversations with mid-level parents (probably less than 5 since the start of the school year)
  • Rawls and Katy both commented that they hadn’t heard anything directly from parents

A parent guest raised concern that the communication plan outlined above puts all the burden on parents and asked how online communications fit into the plan

In regards to current issues, Brooke will lead the creation of a letter outlining concerns that will be given to Filip immediately after spring break