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PTA Meeting Minutes 3/19/13

PTA Meeting Minutesbrittney

Called to order at 6:38p by Diedra. Minutes of previous meeting:

Moved (Kerasun) and seconded. Approved

Budget reviewed by Laura T:

  • Request by Resource Teacher for $200 for book set to use will stay with CSS.
  • Resource room will get line-item budget money next year as a regular classroom.
  • Moved (Megan) and seconded. Affirmative vote no opposition.

CSS Science Fair 2013:

Registrants: There are 42 students registered for 36 projects (some are in groups). Most students are in 2nd & 3rd grade; we have students presenting from K–7th.
Recognition: Each student present at the fair will receive a certificate with their name on it and signed by Filip.

Raffle prizes: Those present at the fair will be entered in raffle drawings for three prizes. Two of the drawings will be for a $25 gift card to OMSI (2 cards will be awarded). The grand prize is a package of 4 passes to OMSI plus OMSI-branded merchandise (this was donated by an employee of OMSI who is a friend of Megan Lammers).

Budget: We expect to come in under the allotted budget of $100, in part due to the donated grand prize.

Volunteers: Volunteers helping at the fair by asking the kids questions about their projects are: Laura Grace Carver, Ada Dortch, and Megan Lammers. And, of course, all the parents who will be there with their student. The event organizers are Alicia Cash, Kenneth Johnson, and Shannon Martonick. Invaluable assistance was provided by Laura Grace Carver and Ena Rierson. Via Gloria Harrison, we received a donation from OHSU of white lab coats that fair organizers will wear.

Co-event: A group of mid-level parents will be holding a fundraiser during the fair. Food will be sold in the kitchen. Co-coordinators are Gretchen and Joanna, with help from Brooke. 
Details: Thursday, March 21, 6:00 –7:30 pm; setup at 5:30. Cafeteria.
The energy is so great for this fair and we look forward to planning for next year’s event!


  • “Groovy” Theme
  • Friday 12 April @ Eagle’s Lodge
  • Pre-sales the week before at CSS.
  • We want to get friends and family involved
  • Golden tickets are $25 or five for $100
  • See other emails for further details.
  • Baskets due Friday
  • Please consider volunteering to put the baskets together.


  • registration online or in person Still Have to Show up and pay!
  • Cedar Ridge again
  • Please spread the word about “how much fun it is.”

Garden Update:

  • Work day last week was great.
  • Next Work day 17 April – Be there!
  • Garden Map on the Bulletin Board
  • First DIG handbook is in progress: editors and historians needed (what photos do you have?) Send to Aliesje
  • K–5 kids spend time in the garden each week. Ask your kids what they are doing. The subjects are pretty amazing.
  • Mid-Level garden activity is still evolving. The garden to diner was great, and ancient grains are growing.
  • She wants to draw the Mid-Level kids into many other growth opportunities.
  • We need more parents on the Garden Team.
  • Meetup on 19 April at the Observatory 6pm.
  • Recipes coming too.
  • Garden Club will be happening after break too.


  • New lights have been installed around the building perimeter .
  • We need to send kudos the Maintenance Guy that made it happen. (See Filip’s memo this week)
  • Possibility of more substantial gate for garden space.

Business Meeting Ended

Ada Dortch - Kids and Relationships:

Ada began asking the gathered parents about their kids and what questions they had. The Group them launched into a long discussion about preconceived ideas, the poor state of sexual education as we grew up, and our hopes for our children.

She then led some role-plays dealing with difficult questions that might arise from our children and how we might best handle those.

The group finished by reviewing the survey questions and magazines produced by the fifth and sixth graders with whom Ada spend some time last month.

Ada will be sending out a wealth of materials and links to help parents begin and sustain these awkward, important conversations.

Submitted:  Todd Henion