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Site Council Minutes 1/7/13

Site Councilbrittney

In attendance Christi Braun Lynne Gammon Katy Relaford Ben Needham Filip Hristic Russ Alexander-Hensley Jeff Pazdalski Brooke Dempsey Heather Zelinsky

Agenda Items

  1. Review/revise future Site Council topics by month
  2. Security
  3. Supporting and Evolving Vision, Mission and Core Principles
  4. Resources for Struggling Students

Agenda Item #1: Review/Revise future Site Council Meeting topics by month-Russ

*see Russ' spreadsheet for details

After discussion, group decided to move Mid-level topic up to the next meeting to better serve the interests of current 5th grade families who may need information about the Mid-level program at CSS sooner rather than later. Ideally, this night would include 5th grade families and current mid-level students and their families who would be able to talk about their experiences. Additionally, CSS staff could present a vision of what next year's mid-level program might look like and answer any burning questions.

Action items that came out of the discussion include:

  1. Tweak existing mid-level guide, Filip to forward current mid-level guide to SC for review/suggestions
  2. Schedule a 5th grade family night**
  3. Katy and/or Eric should attend this meeting to answer questions

** 5th Grade Information Night (for current 5th grade families who are interested in CSS' Mid-level program) is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb 6th

Agenda Item #2: Safety and Security update-Filip

Filip began by updating SC about an incident on the back field today.  The good news was that the current safety protocol that is in place at CSS worked perfectly.  The update also took place within the context of the recent school shooting in Connecticut. Filip then opened up a discussion that focused around the following questions:

  1. What security concerns do we have?
  2. What concrete changes do we have to make?

Group brainstormed current concerns and came up with some suggestions.

  • We could benefit from a more direct alarm/public address system- current one takes a long time to access and is operated by Filip or Pam.  It is not a live feed and relies on a pre-recorded message that is then broadcast via the phone system.  Filip will address this concern at the district level.
  • Doors other than those at the main entrance need to remain closed and locked throughout the school day
  • Any adults in the building between the hours of 8:45 a.m.  and 3 p.m. need to check in at the office and wear an identifying badge
  • As a tight-knit community, we need to continue to rely on each other to be the eyes and ears of our school

Did not get to Agenda Items #3 and #4: Supporting our Constructivist Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles and Helping Struggling Students