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PTA Meeting Minutes 1/15/13

PTA Meeting Minutesbrittney

Meeting called to order at 6:38pm by Diedra. Vote on previous meeting minutes: approved unanimously.

Site Council update

-       Mid-level planning is on the agenda for the next meeting.

-       Meeting for 5th grade families (mid-level orientation) on 2/7.

-       Building security discussion


-       Pool Party at EPCC on 1/26 ($5/person or $20/family), 5:30-7:30pm

-       Next PTA meeting – two speakers about development of boys and girls (2/19)

Treasurer’s report

-       Laura T. is awesome for taking on the job!

-       Arts Run brought in gross of over $16k (restricted to arts)

-       Restaurant nights – Sweet Tomatoes ($190), Papa Murphy’s ($275), Burgerville ($401)

-       TreeCycle brought in just over $900 (restricted for garden program)

-       Proposal from Carla (4th grade parent): yoga and movement for all K-5 classrooms. Would happen once a month during PE time for the remaining 5 months of the school year. Class would be a combination of yoga and a variety of creative movement. Cost is $1575 (Feb-June). Called “Motion Magic”.

-       This would leave about $3300 in unallocated funds. Only other upcoming proposal is for some sex ed classes (no cost available yet). Arts money has already been allocated.

-       Was discussed at the board meeting last week – thought we should put to a vote as a pilot program this year and reassess for next year.

-       Motion approved unanimously.

FUNraiser update

-       Adult night out in lieu of an auction

-       Saturday 4/13 at Eagles Lodge at SE 50th & Hawthorne

-       Similar to last year – raffle for classroom baskets, pay to play options, teacher activity options, games, live entertainment

-       Funds raised go into general PTA budget for next year

Principal’s Report (school security update)

-       Trying to strike a balance between safety and the open/inclusive/welcoming/supportive community and atmosphere/culture of the school

-       Auxiliary doors now closed and locked because they are not supervised by an adult

-       All of us need to take the responsibility of being proactive and keeping everyone safe (don’t let folks in the locked doors, look out for people without visitor’s badge, etc.)

-       Everyone must stop in the office and get a visitor’s badge once the school day starts.

-       After school/Camp Fire time – main entrance will be the only open door. Filip will reconsider back door pickup after 5pm for Camp Fire pickup. Filip will also think about contingency plans for after school classes, etc.

-       Question: can someone modify the back door for 5 or 10 minutes at drop off time to minimize traffic risks at front of building? Filip is willing to consider this solution if we have a parent volunteer (with a vest, walkie talkie, and schedule) to monitor the door.

Parent Volunteer Proposal

-       Jodie (parent) has concerns about playground supervision before and after school

-       Would like to put together a group of volunteers to help supervise the playground at these times (using the same policies/rules as the teachers and staff)

-       Challenge: how can we do this consistently? Need to understand and enforce the rules of the school that the kids are familiar with.

-       We want to make sure we’re not setting the volunteers up to take risks or legal responsibility if there are injuries, etc.

-       Diedra proposed that we form a small committee to figure out how this could work.

-       Could this include volunteers at recess/lunch as well?

-       Colleen will put this call for volunteers for the committee out on the Pitch In.

-       Even if we don’t get volunteers, this is still a good opportunity to communicate about parent responsibility, etc.

Business meeting adjourned at 7:27pm.

Remainder of meeting: Constructivist presentation by Jules, Christi, and Brandi.

(Please note that the presentation/discussion was recorded and will be made available to the community – details to come.)