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PTA Meeting Minutes 12/11/12

PTA Meeting Minutesbrittney

Meeting called to order by Diedre at 6:37pm. Approval of minutes – moved to accept, seconded, passed unanimously.

Treasurer Sally McEntire is moving over winter break. Laura Trace would like to be the new treasurer. Elected! No report this month due to transition.

Book fair funds raised to be announced by the end of the week. Burgerville night made about $400 with very good turnout. Fundraising committee would love help with upcoming Funraiser.

Update on ESL letter

-       Letter went out from PTA board this week to ask that our ESL FTE be increased from .25 to .5.

-       Received response that nothing can be done this year because we did not have enough ESL students as of October 3 to qualify for .5.

-       We should pause sending the letters at this time. Letters already sent have started conversations at the district level and have given Filip a chance to follow up with the district.

-       More information will be available on Friday.

Garden update

-       CSS received $5k grant from Intel for arboretum project. Kerasun is looking for folks to help with the planning committee. Work will begin in the spring.

Soccer fields

-       Brian Pincetich (parent) is a soccer coach on the board of Mt. Tabor Soccer and coach coordinator this year.

-       Is looking for school communities/fields to improve and thinks there is a great opportunity for this at CSS.

-       Has met with Filip and is hoping to get more use out of the current field.

-       Mt. Tabor has funding for the project.

-       Would like to make soccer fields for young kids. Current field is an adult sized field with adult sized goal. Plan is up to us. We could probably get 2-3 soccer fields out there and still have usable field space leftover.

-       Hoping to get grant from the Timbers. Portland Youth Soccer Association will match funds and will purchase goals if we get buy-in of school.

-       If we did have the fields, we’d have more people using the fields and being on school grounds.

-       Needs a letter of approval/support from PTA and school.

-       Would need more trashcans for increased traffic.

-       Outdoor classroom signage for garden could help define space when we have off-campus visitors.


-       January 5-6th

-       Computer waste, block Styrofoam, Xmas trees (chipped on site)

-       Taking donations (funds go to garden)

-       We may build the greenhouse on those dates and will be doing work in the garden

-       Details to come this week

Lighting update

-       Filip working on getting bids from contractors to light the south side of the building

-       Currently having custodians leave on lights in K classrooms and at entryways

Business meeting adjourned at 7pm.

Presentation by Jeff Creswell for remainder of meeting.