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PTA Meeting Minutes 11/13/12

PTA Meeting Minutesbrittney

Meeting called to order by Diedra at 6:45pm. Approval of minutes from September and October

-       motion made, seconded, passed unanimously

Treasurer’s report

-       Creative Arts Run money still to be added in

-       Item One: create $200 allocation for Resource Room/Andrea McCarter (supplies to be used by students with IEPs as well as by teachers throughout the school who need them).

-       Item Two: budget for Go Read pilot program to train tutors to teach students reading skills ($1200 being provided by CSS, asking for $635 additional from PTA). Students to be served will be identified by the reading specialist and teachers. Volunteers will sign letter of intent and will commit to tutoring two children twice a week from January-June (looking to train 5-8 volunteers). Many of the students who need help do not have IEPs but are in need of this specialized training. The $665 would come from our unallocated funds. One potential volunteer has a 7th grader and the rest have students 3rd grade or younger.

-       Motion made to approve both budget items, seconded, and passed unanimously.

ESL/ELL update from teacher Rosie and Tara West

-       Our ELL FTE has been reduced to .25.

-       We are entitled to .5 (as we have 15 students), as other schools in the district have.

-       Kids at levels 1-2 are entitled to 300 minutes per week and kids at levels 3-4 are entitled to 150 minutes per week. It’s difficult to find these minutes when Tara is only here for 10 hours per week. Meeting the needs of these kids has been very challenging. These are recommendations by the district’s Lau plan.

-       Rosie and Tara are asking for support and help from families to ask the district to increase our ELL FTE.

-       The district HR acted without consulting with the ESL department about the number of kids who needed to be served.

-       The kids at our school who need these services really need us to advocate for them.

-       Filip recommends a letter from the staff and a letter from the parents to the superintendent and the director of ESL. Individual emails may make a bigger impact. We’ll send information out on CSS Families, Facebook, the Pitch In, etc. with information on how to write to the district for support (with email addresses and phone numbers). Give December 1 “deadline” so that we can show lots of support quickly.

-       Tara will also be giving the ELL parents this information at conferences (with interpreters when needed).

-       Chris Anderson will draft a sample letter that Brittney will edit and send out with the information.

Creative Arts Run update

-       Raised $15,036!

-       Went very well.

-       Will fund the music program, the Creative Arts Program, and will distribute the remainder evenly across the classrooms for artists in residence.

Creative Arts Program update

-       CAP presented to staff today a proposal for a different structure/approach for the program.

-       Classroom art parent model was not working. The new model is similar to our music program, with specific, professional instructors across the grade levels.

-       Monthly art instruction for 1.5 hours (small group gets 45 minutes at a time) – schedule and format to be determined by teachers – from January to May. Focus will be drawing skills.

-       Classroom art projects will still happen but will not rely on CAP but rather on parents, class reps, etc.

-       PPS arts instruction for next year is still TBD (based on passage of arts measure).

Teacher Potluck

-       PTA is sponsoring again during conferences (Monday night).

-       Asking families to bring in food for the teachers (dinner Monday/leftovers Tuesday).

-       Sign up sheet will be up by the office and info is going out through class reps.

Mid-level PTA meeting follow up

-       Last night was first mid-level parent meeting

-       Mid-Level Coordinating Committee has been formed (MLCC).

-       Mid-level program at CSS is strong, but we are working to improve on some aspects.

-       Hoping to start regular monthly meetings.

-       Russ (Site Council) would like PTA to sponsor evening pizza event inviting last year’s 8th graders to come talk to our current mid-level students. Would like this to be an ongoing tradition.

Restaurant Night fundraiser

-       Papa Murphy’s on Wednesday 11/14 (all day!)

Mt. Tabor Soccer Club proposal

-       more information at December meeting

-       possibility of mid-level service project

Meeting adjourned at 7:39pm.

Presentation about cyber safety by Rawls Moore for remainder of evening.