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Site Council Minutes 10/15/12

Site CouncilbrittneyComment

Attendance: Filip, Ben, Brooke, Jeff, Christ, Katy, Lynn (partial) PPS Equity Grant

  • Filip distributed information about the Equity Grant
  • The grant requires no application

◦                     Grants are allocated by a review of a school’s enrollment and other criteria

◦                     A goal is to balance funding between schools

  • CSS will have a primarily reading based focus based on finding sustainable ways to make a lasting impact as opposed to adding short-term FTE or other short-term projects

◦                     For example, new books for classroom libraries, leveled reading resources (especially age & skill level appropriate materials for older struggling readers), improved organization of book room, and handwriting without tears curriculum

  • The process for buying materials was discussed

◦                     Filip will meet with Maria to start these process discussions

Professional Development Plan Review

  • Filip distributed the professional development calendar
  • Some topics are only scheduled to the end of 2012, and Filip’s hope is to work with the teacher leadership team to set a calendar for 2013
  • Filip discussed the challenges of balancing the calendar – there isn’t much room for flexibility
  • The idea of monthly early release dates was suggested as a way to create more professional development time
  • Filip asked the teachers to go back to the primary, secondary, and middle school teams and ‘take the temperature’ of the monthly early release idea

Mid-Level Direction & Monitoring

  • Katy reported that the Advisory groups are going well

◦                     Advisory groups meet weekly in small groups and monthly by grade levels

◦                     Big focus now is on helping the 6th graders adapt to middle school

  • Discussion of community service requirements

◦                     Possibility of pro-rating of hours for 7th and 8th graders

◦                     Hopefully the challenge will serve as a nudge and kick off to get things rolling for some students

  • Brooke raised the issue of the middle school opinions being discussed on social media and in hallways

◦                     Concerns were raised about the general lack of trust and feeling of “us versus them” between families and middle school teachers

At next site council Brooke will report back on outcomes and questions from the 10/16 PTA meeting discussion of the middle school program