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Site Council Retreat Minutes 8/12/12

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*  Big thank you to the teachers who volunteered a day to attend the retreat to get us kick started on another exciting year for Site Council.  THANK YOU - Chrsit Braun, Ben Needham, Katy Relaford, and Lynne Gammon. *  Also a big thank you to the parents who took a day out of their summer or off of work to attend the retreat.

*  The retreat was facilitated by Kim Feiche from Oregon Center for Educational Equity.

*  By-law and standard practices review -->  walked through by-laws ensuring everyone understands them and made several edits making the scope of Site Council more specific.

Link:  CSS Site Council By-Laws

*  Reviewed and practiced our concensus decision making process.

*  Reviewed and discussed connections with staff committees, PTA, and what is covered by Site Council.

1)  Key outcomes:

*  Climate/Safety committees will align priorities and goals with Site Council.  Other staff committees will be as necessary pending committee scope.

*  PTA - independent parent organization with strong partnership and all driving to one CSS Vision

*  Site Council is a leadership forum and will only address issues/concerns that have grown and developed the support of either the parent or teachers.

Example:   If an inidividual has a concern it should be addressed with a teacher, Filip, or taken to the PTA is a broad concern.

If there is PTA support for a recommendation then Site Council would look at the policy or change recommendation.

*  Selected Site Council Roles

Recorder: Heather Zelinsky

Backup: Open (will fill in Oct 1 Site Council meeting)

Process Keeper: Katy Relaford

Backup: Brooke Dempsey

Facilitator: Russ Alexander-Hensley

Backup: Ben Needham

*  Regular Site Council meeting decided to be from 3:15 to 5:15 on the 1st & 3rd Mondays of each month