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Site Council Minutes 9/17/12

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Scope of Work Agenda:

  • · Review of roles
  • · Review of Action items
  • · Identify priorities/focus for 2012/2013
  • · Grant update?

Review of Roles

1.      Russell Alexander Hensley -Facilitator, Ben Nedham-backup Facilitator, Heather Zelinsky-Recorder, vacant until next meeting-backup Recorder, Katy Relaford and Brooke Dempsey-Process

Action items from last meeting

1.     Recruitment of community member: Deb’s schedule does not work with that of Site Council this year.  Heather proposed a guest speaker from a PTA meeting last year, Sheri, a brain researcher

2.     Map out what Site Council does

3.     Come back to by-laws and review language around parent elections

4.     Review existing school-wide policies, surface issues where no policy exists

5.     After staff determines committees, discuss as Site Council what sort of input or info we want from them

Defining Focus Areas/Scope of Work 12/13

  • · Russ introduced spreadsheet with broad categories of Areas of Focus for Site Council and group discussed and prioritized each one in view of the Retreat that occurred two weeks prior.  The broad categories are:
  • Oversee school funding
  • Develop and coordinate professional growth
  • Develop, approve and monitor SIP
  • Oversee culture, climate and safety
  • Leadership supporting Vision and Mission
  • Instructional Program oversight

Please request spreadsheet for details.

  • · Discussion centered first around the question of how Site Council is supporting Vision, Mission, and guiding principles
  • · Christi wondered if a team didn’t already tackle the question of what constructivism is at CSS last year.  Perhaps it was explained at a PTA meeting but not to Site Council? Katy added that teachers all have use the guiding principles but may have different filters.  Ben asked if there may be more that we need to be doing to communicate what our Vision and Mission really means to parents, etc.  Filip suggested that perhaps we should have more discussion about next steps now that we have a solid Vision and Mission; how do we solicit input to figure out what is the next step?

Discussion around Culture, Climate and Safety

  • Discussed a school-wide character education program.  Brooke recommended that we have a timeline for some kind of program sooner rather than later.  Someone suggested that the Climate Council might present on this to Site Council.  Perhaps Site Council could support the Climate Council by requesting specific action items and a timeline regarding a character education program.
  • Lynne will be asked to present on PBIS, a system for analyzing and reflecting on school culture, at the next meeting (Action Item).
  • · Filip will review identify which school-wide policies exist and bring them to SC to review with the idea of identifying what is missing (Action Item).

School Funding-Discussion of scope of work and action items

  • Process is currently that parents approach Filip with funding requests.  Filip recommended that we streamline the process this year whereby parents make a request of Filip, he gives them a request form and then he brings the completed form to SC.  Christy pointed out that we are lucky to have a Principal who shares the decision-making with SC.
  • SIP-Filip would like to develop a process of how we create/monitor/evaluate SIP; who does it, what does the review look like, how do we communicate this to the community?  Brooke wondered if a subcommittee might be tasked with this work. Ben volunteered to draft a proposal to create a process of crafting/monitoring SIP (Nov/Dec).

Instructional Program Oversight

  • Discussion of what this means.  Agreement that SC cannot monitor PTA funded programs and that we can cross this off our list for now.