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Site Council Minutes 10/1/12

Site CouncilbrittneyComment

In attendance: Christi Braun

Ben Needham

Katy Relaford

Lynne Gammon

Russell Alexander-Hensley

Jeff Padzalski

Heather Zelinsky

Brooke Dempsey


  • Action items from previous meeting
  • Define focus areas and expected outcomes for 2012/2013
  • Update on Climate Committee objectives for the year
  • "Sex-Ed"
  • Wrap-up

Agenda Item #1: Action Items from last meeting

  • Recruitment of Community Member of SC: Heather proposed a brain researcher who gave a talk on parenting at a former PTA meeting and issues emerged around the role of a community member on SC.  Specifically, if the Community Member is not Deb or Jules, what is the specific value of that person and why might they be motivated to be on SC?  Group decided to ask Jules whether she might be available and/or whether providing Deb with childcare on SC meeting days might free her up.  Heather will follow up with Sheri, the PTA speaker and set some expectations with her
  • Gather information on what teachers are doing to build understanding of the school related to constructivism
  • Map out how SC does each of the pieces in the Scope of Work and Timeline
  • Revise existing school-wide policies, surface issues where no policy exists
  • Staff committees; how is SC involved?

Agenda Item #2: Define Focus Areas

  • Went down the list of expected outcomes and assigned owners.  Refer to attached spreadsheet for more information
  • The Focus Areas that SC has identified to work on this year are as follows:

1.Identify a school-wide Character Education Program

  1. Budget and FTE review
  2. Mid-level direction and monitoring
  3. Professional-Development (PD) framework

5.How are we supporting Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles for both staff and the parent community?

  1. School Improvement Plan (SIP)
  2. Review school-wide policies

Agenda Item #3: Update on Climate Committee

  • Lynne updated SC on a proposed Character Education program called PBIS, short for Positive Behavior Intervention Support
  • CSS is committed to an "exploratory" year of this program to see if it is a good fit for our school
  • Lynne has 12 years of experience with this type of program, which is a systems approach and allows for flexibility in exactly how each school implements it
  • PBIS focuses on prevention, not intervention and is based on positive reinforcement for students who are meeting behavioral expectations
  • It is a "caught doing good" approach and an example of this approach is the attendance certificates that students with great attendance received last year
  • A Character Education program, such as PBIS may help our community establish consistent language to use with students in common areas such as the playground, cafeteria, bathrooms and hallways
  • Lynne expressed that the Climate Committee, currently comprised of 4 staff, may not be enough to tackle all that implementing this program will entail
  • Staff need to have buy-in for CSS to adopt the program for the 3 year commitment that PPS requests
  • Ran out of time before we could fully explore how to support Climate Council during this exploratory year

Agenda Items # 4 and #5: Out of time, no offical wrap-up done and no plan for "Sex-ed"