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PTA Meeting Minutes 9/18/12

PTA Meeting Minutesbrittney

6:30pm Pie! 6:50pm Meeting called to order by Diedra

6:55pm Introduction of PTA board members

Music program

-       set to kick off on October 9

-       Crystal choir for 11 weeks (K-2) & Scott drums (3-5)

-       Jan 22 switch

-       Written information from Scott to come

-       K-5 will have music once a week for 19 weeks

-       Mid-level elective music still TBD

Garden & Sustainability

-       Aleisje King will be back this year (10-15 hours per week for spring/fall)

-       Aleisje will be developing curriculum to tie into the storylines

-       Goal this year: to create a stable program to carry forward

-       Looking for volunteers with cooking, nutrition, etc. skills as well as weeding, greenhouse, etc.

-       Kids out 6-8 hours per week; rest of time maintaining garden and outreach

-       Needs steady volunteer support to be sustained as an outdoor classroom

-       What parents can do: volunteer for 30 minutes on a day when your child’s class will be in the garden (to help wrangle!)

-       Have opening for internship through OHSU – hoping to help start a garden to cafeteria program (starting with a salad bar)

Passport Club

-       Home study program – this year for grades 2-5

-       Monthly – theme for each session to compliment the geography

-       Try to make fun instead of competitive

-       Goal to help the kids become world citizens

After School Program

-       Class descriptions and registration forms went home last week; due this Friday

-       Fall – light for K (more offerings in spring)

-       Registration form has the correct info (some discrepancies with descriptions)

-       Fall session – 8 weeks; spring session will be April/May

Creative Arts Program

-       Undergoing restructuring with teachers this year

-       Not doing official art parents this year

-       Contact Becky Shapiro with any questions

-       More information to come


-       Summer K playdates

-       Welcome back to school potluck

-       Parent Coffees – to get to know everyone!

-       Halloween party (K-5) and dance (6-8)

-       Craft Night

-       Science Fair

-       Swim Party at EPCC

-       Montavillage (May 19)

-       Camp Out (weekend of June 7)

-       8th grade promotion


-       Public website

-       Community website – lots of resource information

-       Facebook page (all info duplicated on Announce)

-       Listservs (Announce, Families, grades, classes, garden)

-       Todd Henion – listserv administrator

-       Weekly Blast – weekly calendar and announcements

-       Pitch In – bi-weekly volunteer opportunities

-       Important information is duplicated in hard copy on bulletin boards


-       Proposed budget determined by finance committee (which is open to all)

-       John H. moved to approve, Todd H. seconded. Approved.


-       Just Give (direct appeal, monthly giving, etc.)

-       Restaurant Nights

-       FunRaiser

-       Creative Arts Run (restricted to arts and music programming)

-       TreeCycle and plant sales (to support the garden program)

-       Scrip: no general Scrip this year; instead will tie in with restaurant nights, etc. (decision to change because is very labor intensive for a small amount of money)

-       This year: maximize return on the amount of labor

-       This year: push to register cards from Safeway, Fred Meyer, Target (eScrip)

Ask Filip!

-       Community storyline – in line with mission to develop compassionate community builders (What is a superhero? What are the qualities of a superhero? What difference can they (the kids!) make in the world?)

-       Are there any plans for a CSS sports team? Our kids can join any of the Parks & Rec teams already in place. Any parent can take initiative to get something going.

-       Introduction of Rawls Moore (half time math and tech teacher). Working with Katy and Eric on our math program to make it another unique feature of our school. (8th – math and 4th-8th tech)

-       Length of lunches/recess: 3 lunches this year to accommodate 300 kids – 40 minute time period needed to be brought down to 35 to make everything fit. Students can be dismissed early for recess if done. K-2 has 45 minutes (come in 10 minutes early unless backed up against a special). 3-5 have 35 minutes. Mid-level asks to go outside after 10-15 minutes (there are only 60 of them). Lines this year are dramatically reduced. Getting better as they are learning the routine.

-       Most teachers have recess in both the morning and the afternoon.

-       Talk to Filip if your student is feeling rushed at lunch – we want to avoid this.

Site Council

-       Leadership forum for the school (4 teachers, 4 parents, Filip)

-       Charter: to support the mission of the school

-       By law: school improvement plan, school development

-       Filip: added oversight of school budget

-       Election this week for open parent position – terms are 2 years, this position is for one year (previous rep left partway through)

-       Candidates for open position: Paula Noel, Char Eickholdt, and Jeff Pazdalski

-       Voting box in the office to election new parent rep – from end of day Wed. 9/19 to next Wed.

Where to go?

-       Ideas, fundraising, etc. =  PTA!

-       Concerns about a teacher = talk to teacher first, then class rep, then principal

-       Concerns about school policies, curriculum, etc. = Site Council

PTA meeting ideas

-       Short business meeting (have treasurer’s report by law)

-       Have programming and discussion on specific topics

-       Bring your ideas to the PTA if you want to see something discussed, etc.

8:30pm Meeting adjourned!