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Site Council Minutes 1/10/12

Site Councilbrittney

Attendees: Russ, Brooke, Filip, Lauren, Lynne, Eric, Jody, Christi, Brandi CSS Vision and Mission statements: Christi and Brandi presented the near-final vision and mission statements. The Site Council made a few tweaks. Christy and Brandi will present at the next Staff Meeting.

Gender-neutral restroom: Filip would like to designate a restroom in the main hallway as a gender-neutral student restroom. The SC discussed the text and graphic on the sign. Lynne will invite members of the Student Leadership Team to the next full SC meeting to provide guidance.

From Wikipedia: “Gender neutrality describes the idea that language and other social institutions should avoid distinguishing people by their gender, in order to avoid discrimination arising from the impression that there are social roles for which one gender is more suited than the other.”

See also Gender-neutral Toilet:

Mid-level Handbook: Eric doesn’t feel like it represents the program yet. Filip wants to make the curriculum section more substantial and remove inaccurate information.

Filip, David, and Eric will meet to work on the curriculum and community content.