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Site Council Minutes 10/11/11

Site CouncilJoanna CrumpComment
Attendees: Ruth Florez, Lynne, Russ, Jody, Lauren, Ben, Eric, Diedra, Filip
Action items:
#Read the Title 1 plan. Indicate anything that you have questions about or issues with.
#Filip meet with Jules et al to finalize a single document that articulates the CSS mission, vision, and values. This is the doc they worked on with the community during the 2010-11 school year.
#Technology Committee create a technology curriculum outline and present to faculty and Site Council in February. Create a complete plan by the end of the school year.
3:25 Good news: District is paying about $15,000 for our new computer lab in the Wellness room. The lab will have about 25 new desktop computers and 10 laptops. This frees up approximately $6000 for additional technology purchases.
3:35  Approved the Site Council by-laws.
3:40 Creation of Vision. Filip to meet with Jules, etc. to finalize a single doc that articulates our mission, vision, and values. Report at next Site Council meeting.
The Technology Committee (a teacher committee) will create a  technology curriculum outline. The outline will answer the question What does digital literacy look like at CSS? The Tech Committee will present an update to the faculty and site council in February and create a plan by end of school year. Plan to include grade level description of experiences and outcomes. What should a digitally literate 8th grader know how to do, etc.
4:00 Approved the Site Council agenda.
4:10 School Improvement Plan (SIP) and Title 1 update from Filip.
The Site Council is responsible ensuring that the school implements the Title 1 school improvement plan. Title 1 is an US Department of Education program that provides money to schools in which 40% or more of students qualify for free or reduced lunch. This money allows Creative Science to pay for several additional teachers.
School Improvement Plan (SIP): The school district requires a writing goal and allows us to choose another goal. Filip chose a math goal.
Writing Goal: Improve usage of writing conventions.
Writing strategies:
1. Teachers examine OAKS writing samples to identify most common mistakes with conventions.
2. Teachers collaborate to articulate a progression of skills across grade levels.
3. Teachers examine student performance.
Math Goal: Improve geometry and measurement skills.
Math Strategies:
1. Teachers compare math to common core standards and recommend supplemental curriculum. Bridges is not aligned with the OAKS test (but neither was the old math curriculum).
2. Teachers develop student assessments and collaboratively compare results and discuss strategies.
3. Teachers examine OAKS data, examine student performance and adjust the curriculum.
5:20 Ben raises the possiblily of adding another Kindergarten class as a way to grow the school. Filip says we can make a proposal to the district if we decide to go in that direction.
5:25 Wrap up.