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Site Council Minutes 9/27/11

Site CouncilJoanna CrumpComment

Laura, Diedra, Ben, Filip, Russ, Jody, Brooke, Eric, Lynne

Action items update:
Brooke will send out Site Council invitation to certified staff.
Deb is still trying to determine whether she can be the community member on the Council.

Site Council will meet on 11/29/11, but there will be no second December meeting.

Cedar lodge update from Eric:
Mt. Tabor is getting an interim principal this week and another new principal next year. Cedar Lodge has started the process to become a program.
Parents are hoping CL stays at Mt. Tabor, but staff doesn't think it's viable.
CL staff views a merge with CSS as CL bringing service learning and leadership. They see possibilities of merging. Program wasn't allowed to add a 6th grade class this year. A merge would be more about bringing staff than students. Eric has a mentor there who retired.

School board is taking up the issue of school size. Board wants schools to be larger than 500. Judy Brennan said she would come talk to us.
Filip will meet privately with Judy.

Filip has a meeting with supervisor to determine whether Title I plan and SIP can be the same. He'll have more info at the next meeting.

Midlevel discussion:
Talked about objectives for the year and started making a list of questions to answer as we formulate our vision/direction. More details to follow.